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Current Top Performing Stock Funds Often Have One Big Problem
Investors like funds with outstanding past performance but this often ignores that some of the best performing funds are overvalued. A method to determine overvaluation and data showing how such past overvaluation hurt future returns are presented.
EC Why Staying Fully Invested In Your Funds/ETFs May Not Lead To The Best Results
My account balances for 5 Vanguard stock funds have doubled over the last 5-6 years. So it made sense to remain fully invested in each. But markets do drop! Taking profits or distributions out on occasional may be the best way to ensure your gains.
17 Managed Funds That Have Beaten The Indexes Over A 17 Year Period
Strong data goes against what the large majority of investors now seem to believe: that index funds are a consistently better choice than managed mutual funds.
EC Prospects For International Stocks, Value Stocks, And Bonds In The New Year
Investors may be pondering what the tumultuous changes that occurred in 2016 mean to their portfolios. Political/economic events may result in a shift in returns, especially from international stocks, value stocks, and bonds.
Is Skill Still Relevant In The Era Of The Indexes?
Investors are flocking to index funds while moving away from managed funds. This may prove to be a short-sighted approach.
Surprising Facts Revealed By A Portfolio Analyzing Tool
Using a portfolio "backtesting" tool can uncover unpleasant realities that many investors are likely to be ignoring.
Can You Beat The Market? How Investors Might Be Getting This Wrong
It is widely believed that investing away from the broad market will hardly ever beat "total market" funds. I present considerable evidence that it is nowhere near a sure thing that such indexes will outperform.
Still Like Stocks? Why I'd Wait To Buy More
Many people have their fund and/or ETF investments on autopilot. The phrase "watchful waiting" comes to mind.
These Funds Are Now Posed To Outperform
Data seem to be suggesting that both Large Value and International stock funds/ETFs will be better places to emphasize within a diversified portfolio over the next few years than domestic Large Growth or Small-/Mid-Caps.
Highly Overvalued Market? Consider Employing These Strategies
A few investment strategies to consider during an overvalued market.
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