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I am the managing editor of the Journal of Economic Perspectives, based at Macalester College in St. Paul, Minnesota, which can be read for free on-line courtesy of the American Economic Association. I am the author of two books: "The Instant Economist: Everything You Need to Know ... more


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What The IMF Thinks About China's Exchange Rate And Trade Balance
US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin announced that China was officially a currency manipulator. I was not convinced. But what's interesting here is not what I think, or even what Mnuchin thinks, but what the IMF thinks.
Taxing Sugar-Sweetened Beverages
Jurisdictions around the world have been implementing taxes on sugar-sweetened beverages. But making the case for (or against) a tax on sugar-sweetened beverage requires addressing a number of questions.
Limits For Corporate Bigness On Acquisitions, Patents, And Polit
The United States, like most places, an ambivalent view of big business.
Uwe Reinhardt On High US Health Care Costs
Uwe Reinhardt, who passed in 2017, has had his final book published, Priced Out: The Economic and Ethical Costs of American Health Care. In this book, Reinhardt tackles the question of explaining high US health care costs.
China And Currency Manipulation
Steve Mnuchin has "determined that China is a Currency Manipulator" (with capital letters in the press release). But his claim is not particularly plausible.
China's Belt And Road Initiative: The Perils Of Being A Subprime Global Lender
If infrastructure loans go well and create substantial new economic value and trade, then yes, China's influence will grow. But if infrastructure loans go badly, then debtor countries and their politicians are going to push back hard against China.
India Economic Survey: Challenges Accepted
India's economy doesn't get nearly as much attention as China's. Both economies have a similar involvement in international trade.
Payments From China For Foreign Intellectual Property
It seems clear that China's government and firms have been aggressive in their pursuit of intellectual property from firms in other countries.
Antitrust In The Digital Economy
Discussions of antitrust and the FAGA companies--that is, Facebook, Amazon, Google, and Apple--often sound like a person with a hammer who just wants to hit something. What should competent antitrust and regulation actually look like?
China's Changing Relationship With The World Economy
China's economy is simultaneously huge in absolute size and lagging far behind the world leaders on a per person basis.
Where US Government Debt Is Headed
On the current path, US debt will surge well beyond the previous high--the debt that was used to finance fighting World War II. And it will do so without any need for a war or a recession to drive spending upward.
Three Years Since The Brexit Vote: Looking Back
Three years ago today, on June 23, 2016, the Brexit vote occurred. After three years of negotiation, I have no clear idea what the endpoint will be.
Is Hydrogen The Storage And Carrying Technology For Carbon-Free Energy?
Fossil fuels store energy until they are burned. Solar and wind power generate electricity but don't store it. As a result, they are intermittent sources of electricity.
Some Snapshots Of The Global Energy Situation
One main driver of the rise in world energy use is economic growth in emerging market countries.
Japan: The Challenges Of Aging, Slow Growth, And Government Debt
Japan is the third-largest economy in the world, behind the US and China.
How Economic Statistics Are Being Transformed
Economic statistics are invisible infrastructure, supporting better decisions by government, business, and individuals. But the fundamentals survey-based methods of US government statistics have substantially eroded.
1 to 16 of 231 Posts
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