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I am the managing editor of the Journal of Economic Perspectives, based at Macalester College in St. Paul, Minnesota, which can be read for free on-line courtesy of the American Economic Association. I am the author of two books: "The Instant Economist: Everything You Need to Know ... more


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Amazon And Value Creation: A Bezos Farewell
The value of Amazon's profits in a given year is much, much less than the value created by the company in other ways: wages, facilitating sales by third-part firms, time savings for consumers, and so on. 
International Trade And Economic Disruption In Context
There are a wide variety of reasons for economic disruption and job loss: new technology, domestic competition, lousy management, shifts in consumer preferences for goods and services, and many more.
An Economics With Verbs, Not Just Nouns
Algorithmic methods can be especially useful in showing how seemingly mild and plausible rules can sometimes lead to unexpected and even disastrous outcomes.
What Do You Call A Bigger Wave Of Debt?
Debt is often referred to as "leverage" because it magnifies the outcome of both positive and negative events for a national economy (or for a company or a household).
The US Productivity Slowdown After 2005
In the long run, a rising standard of living is all about productivity growth. When the average person in a country produces more per hour worked, then it becomes possible for the average person to consume more per hour worked.
Electrify Everything: Some Limitations Of Solar And Wind
The "electrify everything" vision supports generating electricity in low-carbon or zero-carbon ways, and then also using electricity to replace other sources of energy, by using cars powered by electricity rather than vehicles by gasoline.
The Spread In Labor Costs Across The European Union
The European Union continues to show large gaps in hourly labor costs. 
Data And Development
There are lots of examples of how improved data can help economic development. For many economists, the first reaction is to think about the dissemination of information related to production and markets.
Will The Fed Keep Interest Rates Low For The US Treasury?
When governments run up large debts, the interest cost to servicing this debt will be substantial. Money earmarked to make interest payments could be used for other purposes if interest rates were lower.
China-US Trade: Some Patterns Since 1990
In US-based conversations about China-US trade, it sometimes seems to me that the working assumption is that China's economy is heavily dependent on trade with the US--which in turn would give the US government strong leverage in trade disputes. 
Mission Creep For Bank Regulators And Central Banks
In the case of the regulators who supervise banks, the more tasks you give them to do, the less attention and energy they will inevitably have for the core "safety and soundness" regulation.
Will Workers Disperse From Cities?
Predictions that technology shifts will cause urban job concentrations to disperse have been made a number of times in the last half-century or so. The predictions always sound plausible. But up until the pandemic, the predictions kept not happening.
Negative Interest Rates: Practical, But Limited
For a lot of people, the idea of negative interest rates sounds as if it must violate some law of nature, like a perpetual motion machine.
Retail Investors Show "Exuberance"
The word "exuberance" has a special meaning for investors.
What's Happening With Global Connectedness In The Pandemic?
The last few decades have been a time of economic globalization. But that trend has been faltering for a few years now, with rising political obstacles to trade and migration.
Debt And Deficits: Nostalgia For The 1980s
Neither during the Great Recession of 2007-2009 nor during the heart of the pandemic recession in 2020 and early 2021 was an appropriate time to focus on the long-term future of government debt.
1 to 16 of 357 Posts
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