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Timothy D. Naegele was counsel to the United States Senate’s Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs, and chief of staff to Presidential Medal of Freedom and Congressional Gold Medal recipient and former U.S. Senator Edward W. Brooke (R-Mass).  See, e.g., more

The Government That Governs Least Governs Best

Date: Thursday, June 9, 2022 4:49 PM EST

  By Timothy D. Naegele[1]

Government at all levels of America is a vast wasteland of tragic inefficiency and incompetence. People are paid relatively large sums of money to do nothing—or even worse, to screw things up. The Coronavirus pandemic lockdowns have underscored that fact. Many government workers stayed home and did essentially nothing for long periods of time; and some are still doing that.

When I worked in the Pentagon during the height of the Vietnam War, it was affectionately referred to as "Fort Fumble" by many who worked there. The feeling was that the only reason we had survived as a nation was that our enemies were more incompetent than we were. The fact is that JFK-Robert McNamara-Lyndon Johnson's War never should have been fought in the first place.

Approximately 55,000 Americans died for nothing, and some were my friends. Many more were maimed for life, physically and mentally. Fast forward to George W. Bush's Afghan and Iraq Wars, and the pattern was repeated. But incompetence spreads across all levels of government, from the highest federal departments in Washington, D.C., to the local offices of the Social Security Administration and other federal agencies, to the offices of the lowest levels of state and local governments.

Government does not work, period. The FBI and Department of Justice are corrupt, and routinely manipulated for political purposes.[2] Indeed, the coin of the realm in Washington and elsewhere for lawyers and lobbyists is their ability to influence and obtain results. In the process, they provide prostitutes or simply young girls who are trying to climb the social ladder of Washington and other power centers—including the lowest levels.[3]

None of this would constitute the tragedy that it is if Russia's KGB-trained killer Vladimir Putin was not threatening nuclear war if he does not get his way in Ukraine and beyond; and if China was not poised to invade Taiwan, and move elsewhere in the world.  Americans cannot afford to have a leadership vacuum, with its layers of government performing at less than is possible—and World War III possibly staring us in the face.



© 2022, Timothy D. Naegele


[1]  Timothy D. Naegele was counsel to the United States Senate's Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs, and chief of staff to Presidential Medal of Freedom and Congressional Gold Medal recipient and former U.S. Senator Edward W. Brooke (R-Mass).  See, e.g., Timothy D. Naegele Resume-21-8-6  and https://naegeleknol.wordpress.com/accomplishments/   He has an undergraduate degree in economics from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), as well as two law degrees from the School of Law (Boalt Hall), University of California, Berkeley, and from Georgetown University.  He served as a Captain in the U.S. Army during the Vietnam War, assigned to the Defense Intelligence Agency at the Pentagon, where he received the Joint Service Commendation Medal (see, e.g., https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Commendation_Medal#Joint_Service).  Mr. Naegele is an Independent politically; and he is listed in Who's Who in America, Who's Who in American Law, and Who's Who in Finance and Business. He has written extensively over the years (see, e.g., https://naegeleblog.wordpress.com/articles/ and https://naegeleknol.wordpress.com/articles/), and studied photography with Ansel Adams.  He can be contacted directly at tdnaegele.associates@gmail.com

[2]  See, e.g., https://naegeleblog.wordpress.com/2012/03/21/the-united-states-department-of-injustice/ ("The United States Department of Injustice")

[3]  See, e.g., https://naegeleblog.wordpress.com/2010/09/24/washington-is-sick-and-the-american-people-know-it/ ("Washington Is Sick And The American People Know It")

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Timothy Naegele 5 months ago Author's comment

This is worth reading.  The January 6th committee is pure political theater, and a farce.  This is how Capitol Hill works.  Those of us who have worked there know this in spades.


Dick Kaplan 5 months ago Member's comment

Did you watch it? I think you'd be impressed with how thorough it actually is.  Plus if it were political theater, why is every news outlet, INCLUDING FoxNews, covering it?

Timothy Naegele 5 months ago Author's comment
Texan Hunter 5 months ago Member's comment

What did you think of the January 6th Committe Hearings? I'm starting to realize that maybe we've all been bamboozled. 

Trump In 2024 5 months ago Member's comment

Don't watch any videos from Jan 6th. Don't watch anything unless Trump has persoanlly endorsed it. If it doesn't come from him, you can't trust it.  It is fake.  I know some people said there was violence that day, but any violence was actually done by team Biden. 

Biden, the FBI, Antifa, and the Chinese were all in cahoots.  False Flag events.  Biden wasn't even born in the US and should never have been elgibile to run.

Don't trust any newsource other than Trump's and Qanon.  Everyone else lies.

Timothy Naegele 5 months ago Author's comment

I began as a Democrat; and when I left the U.S. Senate, I became an Independent, and have been one ever since.  I had seen enough of both parties.

The January 6th committee is a total farce, and an utter waste of time to watch its proceedings.  They are political theater at its worst.  Hopefully Liz Cheney is ousted from Congress, and never raises her ugly head again.

The Dems are using the hearings -- just as they have used everything else -- to destroy Donald Trump's reputation, since his campaign for the presidency began.  With luck and the grace of God, they will lose both the House and the Senate in November.

Assuming that happens, turnabout will be fair play.  At the outset, Brain Dead Joe and Hunter will be the targets; and those hearings will make these look like a "walk in the park."

Both Joe and Hunter should be serving time in Guantanamo Bay right now.  Their criminality is legendary.  What they have gotten away with, and Joe's total incompetence, has emboldened the butcher Vladimir Putin to move on Ukraine; and it may launch China's invasion of Taiwan.  Then, World War III will have begun in earnest; and yes, nukes may be used, or a nation-ending EMP Attack.

There is NOTHING that Joe and his far-Left lackies have done that is right, and good for Americans.  And Willie Brown's former ho, Kamala, is standing in the wings waiting for Joe to croak.

Lots of us will NEVER vote for a Democrat again.  

Texan Hunter 5 months ago Member's comment

Don't get me wrong. I think Biden is a putz, and would never vote for a Democrat either. And I used to believe Trump that Jan. 6th never happened - that they were "peaceloving" people.  But damn man, did you watch some of the videos of how they attacked our heroes in blue?

And I used to believe the election was a fraud.  But I've now looked at the evidence, and read the court transcripts where Trump's own lawyers admitted there was no fraud.  And now I realize I was lied to.

I used to think Pence was a traitor. Now I realize he has far more courage and integrity than Trump will ever have.  If the country is ever going to heal, I hope Trump doesn't run again. I would vote for Pence though.

Timothy Naegele 5 months ago Author's comment

Joe Biden is not just a "putz."  He is a brain dead criminal who should be incarcerated.  Hopefully his decline accelerates.

Second, there are radicals who use events like this for their own purposes.  Please never forget that the thugs, slugs, hoods and mongrels of "Black Lives Matter," Antifa and other far-Left groups burned out cities; killed or injured innocent Americans including our police; and destroyed black and other businesses.

Not only were they not punished, but thugs like George Floyd have been lionized.  Crime is off the walls nationwide, with brazen blacks going into stores and looting, and not being incarcerated.

Of course there was fraud in the 2020 elections.  The Democrats have been stealing elections since at least 1960, when the election was stolen from Richard Nixon by JFK, the Kennedys, the Democrats and Chicago crime boss Sam Giancana.  Indeed, JFK and Giancana used their mistress, Judith Campbell Exner as their go-between.  Any doubts, Google her.

When I left the Senate, I concluded that the Democrats were "evil" but smart, while the Republicans were "Neanderthals" and dumb.  The Democrats have been smart enough to rig elections, and the Republicans have been too dumb or inept to stop them.

Lastly, watch Trump rallies.  They are packed; he is loved; and he is as articulate and forceful as when his quest for the presidency began.  Brain Deal Joe can't even utter a complete thought.  After at least two brain operations, he is a dottering old fool at best.  He is a national and international embarrassment.

Trump In 2024 5 months ago Member's comment

We are in agreement. The best thing for this country would be if Biden died so Trump could take back his rightful throne.

Like you, I hope Biden kicks the bucket, or that someone takes him out asap. We need to take the presidency back at any cost.  It's a shame they were able to evacuate Pence before we could get to him and hang the traitor.  It would have spared us this misery with Biden.

Dan Richards 5 months ago Member's comment

You sound unhinged.  If that angry mob had gotten their hands on Pence, "mob madness" might have won out and who knows what they would have done to him.  But no one really wanted that.  He had no choice - he followed the law and the constituion.  Pence was a faithful Republican and Trump loyalist for years.  Don't forget that.  But he's also a man of integrity and couldn't turn his back on God and truth just to serve wishful thinking.

Trump In 2024 5 months ago Member's comment

You weren't there.  Trump wanted Pence gone - he told us so and pointed us in his direction. And his own aides testified that Trump said he we had the right idea and Pence deserved to be hung.

Trump was sent to us by God and is the only one who can make America great again.  He'll put those less deserving back in their place and make sure the real Americans are always on top. He needs to be president no matter the cost.  Trump wants that, God wants that.  The ends justify the means.  It's like 1776.

And mark my words, if in the next election those satanic pedophile Dems try to steal the election again, we'll make January 6th look like a cake walk.

Kurt Benson 5 months ago Member's comment

I'm a Trump fan, but Jan. 6th was wrong. And you sound like a white supremacist/insurrectionist.  You are crossing the line between freedom of speech and threatening violence.  Stop or you may get reported to the secret service.

Texan Hunter 5 months ago Member's comment

He may be senile, and not fit for office, but I don't see how he's a criminal.  And as a God fearing person, I don't wish for his death, that's harsh of you. I simply hope he doesn't run again.  

Yes, the antifa riots were wrong. I now realize Jan 6th was also. But the antifa riots were just a bunch of looters.  Jan. 6th was an attack on our very democracy.

Don't fall for the fraud nonsense. There's always a bit of fraud, but there was not enough to change hte election. Even Barr said so, and Trump's own lawyers admitted it in court.  If Trump's own lawyer's admit there was no fraud, why do you believe it?  Just because Trump said so?  I love the guy, but he doesn't exactly have a great track record with the truth.

Dan Richards 5 months ago Member's comment

I agree 100% with what you said, Texan Hunter.  Proud lifelong Republican here.

Anne Davis 5 months ago Member's comment

Unlike you, I'm not a fan of Trump.  But even I was surprised by how far Trump went. The fact that Trump wanted to Pence to get hanged and said he "deserved" was the most shocking aspect to me.

Glad to see you finally coming around.

Timothy Naegele 5 months ago Author's comment

Nonsense.  If someone betrayed you, you'd be angry too.  It's just the way men talk.

Anne Davis 5 months ago Member's comment

So when our elected officials were in danger with tens of thousands of people calling them traitors and trying to breach the capita, and they called Trump begging him to call off his followers, and he said no and pretty much told McCarthy and others to go F themselves, that was just lockerroom talk?

He really did care that they were in danger, and only did nothing because..  Because why?

Timothy Naegele 5 months ago Author's comment

More nonsense.  Nancy Pelosi could have protected the Capitol, where I worked for years, but she didn't.  

Anne Davis 5 months ago Member's comment

There were hundreds of police there.  And that wasn't her call. She doesn't have the authority.

Timothy Naegele 5 months ago Author's comment

See, e.g., https://www.foxnews.com/politics/pelosi-capitol-security-jan-6-committee-jim-banks

When I worked on the Hill, and in the Capitol in particular, the Capitol Police were a joke.  They were nice, incompetent hacks who have been appointed to the job by the leadership, principally in the House.  You wouldn't trust them to guard your dog or cat.

Fast forward to the post-9/11 era, and obviously changes have been made.  To say that the Speaker of the House, in this case Nancy Pelosi, does not make the decisions is perhaps naive.

Both political parties will pass the buck and deny responsibility, but Pelosi has "engineered" this totally-bogus "January 6 committee" to serve her needs, inter alia, by excluding Jim Jordan and others who might provide political balance to the committee.

It's a sham and nothing more, designed to "rescue" the Democrats from the approaching doom that they may face in November's elections, and shift the narrative away from the debacle that is the BIden-Harris presidency.  After all, many are saying already that Brain Dead Joe should not run for reelection.

And yes, I began as a Democrat, but became an Independent when I left the Senate.  I had seen too much to support either party.

Anne Davis 5 months ago Member's comment

With all do respect, the GOP blocked any attempt at having a bipartisan effort. Though they were quick to criticize Trump when their lives were in danger, and in the immediate aftermath of the riot, they have shown little interest in investigating the day since.

It seems they'd rather have the votes Trump can bring, than hold him accountable for his words and actions.

Timothy Naegele 5 months ago Author's comment

See also https://naegeleblog.wordpress.com/2022/06/09/the-government-that-governs-least-governs-best/ ("The Government That Governs Least Governs Best")