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Tim Travis is a veteran deep value investor and money manager. Travis has extensive experience in traditional investments such as stocks and bonds, in addition to having a unique methodology of combining options and distressed investing with value investing to generate income, reduce risk, and ... more


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Inflation Is Here
The Case/Shiller housing price data came out and it showed prices up nearly 20% YoY. Brent crude oil touched $80 per barrel and is on course for its best month since February.
Shiller P/E Ratio Second Highest In History, China Evergrande Implosion
Global markets have sold off pretty hard to start the week. 
Growth/Value Spread At New Marginal High
By investing in undervalued companies and using disciplined strategies, which enhance our risk/reward probabilities, we are positioning us to attain strong long-term investing returns. 
85% Of High-Yield Bonds Yield Less Than Inflation Rate
Interest rates are without a doubt one of the most important drivers of investment returns, if not the most significant. 
Jobs Report And Quick Note On Valuations
The August jobs report came out and was quite disappointing. The U.S. only added 235,000 jobs, which was well short of expectations that were for over 700,000 new jobs. 
Major Correction In Glamour Assets-Big Opportunities With Options
2020 was a truly unique year from a stock market perspective in that the most expensive stocks got more expensive, while the cheapest stocks got cheaper.
Hedge Fund Blowup And Rotation Shift To Value
Stock returns are highly cyclical, but because most market participants tend to focus on the recent past, this fact is often forgotten.
Rising Treasury Yields Sparking Volatility - Good News Long-Term
Volatility has come back into the equity markets, driven by rapidly increasing Treasury yields. 
Value Having Best Month Relative To Growth In 2 Decades
There have been a few interesting market developments in the last few days. 
S&P 500 Forward Price/Earnings Analysis
Many market participants are looking at the index returns over the last decade and assuming that makes sense to invest in them over the next decade, but ignoring starting valuations is a perilous mistake.
3 Pieces Of Good News
Over the weekend, three pieces of good news occurred that should be quite beneficial to our portfolios over the next 12 months and hopefully sooner too.
Investment Grade Bonds Yielding 1.85%- What It Means
What a crazy year it has been. Surely, these next few months will be historic as the vaccine rollout and distribution takes center stage.
Strong GDP, More Restrictions In Europe, Setup For Election
The U.S. posted one of the best quarters of GDP growth in history today, but make no mistake the economy is still down materially for the year.
Value Versus Growth Market Cycle Comparison
As you know, the closest comparison to the current market environment is the Tech Bubble, as the most expensive companies have seen P/E multiple expansion, while value stocks have seen multiple compression.
Improving Fundamentals And Cheapest Valuations Since 2009
Earnings season has begun and thus far almost every one of the banks that have reported have beaten their earnings estimates. 
The Tesla Bubble
I’ve written quite a few times about the Tech Bubble that currently exists in the U.S. stock market. No stock better epitomizes this madness than Tesla.
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