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I'm the lead investment research analyst for income and dividend investing at Investors Alley, an independent investment research service. My primary role is editor of The Dividend Hunter, an investment advisory delivering research on income investments with double digit growth in share ... more


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These Stocks Are Expected To Raise Dividends With February Earnings Reports
The stock market is an interesting world. Stocks trade every business day. Analysts and financial writers publish numerous opinion pieces every day.
These Are The Kind Of Dividend Stocks To Own For The Next Recession
ith the stock market indexes and big name companies climbing to new highs every day, there is euphoria with investors who now believe the good times will keep rolling into 2020.
This Year Dividend Payouts Are Expected To Pass The $500 Billion Mark For The First Time 
Big-name growth stocks have powered the gains 2019 and first few days of this year. That will not always be the way the stock market rolls.
The Dangers Of Managed Fund Distributions And How To Spot Funds In Trouble
Many closed-end funds have managed distribution policies. Who wouldn’t want to own a fund that pays monthly dividends with a great yield?
These 3 Underperformers Of 2019 Could Deliver Big Gains In 2020
At the end of 2018, the CNN Fear & Greed Index stood at one on a scale of 1 to 100. A rating close to zero is an indication of Extreme Fear. The index finished 2019 at 99 and is still elevated at 91, a rating that indicates Extreme Greed.
Look For These 5 Energy Stocks To Raise Dividends In January
Now that the book is closed on 2019, next up for the stock market will be individual company earnings reports for the fourth quarter and full year. I recommend dividend-paying stocks based on the fundamental strengths if the underlying businesses.
Buy My Top 2 High-Yield Dividend Picks For 2020
Here are 2 picks for 2020, one aggressive stock and one conservative stock.
Sell These 3 Top Retail Investments Likely To Cut Dividends In 2020
Dividend-paying stocks with very high yields are priced that way to price in the probability of a dividend cut. The higher the yield, the greater the potential for a dividend reduction, at least in the opinion of the investing public.
Put This Stock Paying 7.5% And Increasing Dividends Into Your Christmas Stocking This Year
For income stock investors, one goal is to own shares of companies that will increase the dividend rates over time. A growing income stream is great on its own, but often dividend growth leads to share price appreciation.
Sell These 3 Dividend Stocks Paying 10% Before They Crash
Here are three BDCs where the share price has gotten over the NAV skis, and the share should be sold to lock in profits.
3 Top Buys In The Bull Market No One Sees Coming
Energy midstream companies are much more financially sound than they were five years ago.
Sorting Out The Few Good BDCs From The Many Bad Ones
Bad BDCs eventually are forced to cut their dividends. Really bad ones do so regularly. Checking a BDC’s dividend payment history is the first step to narrow down the list.
EC Steer Clear Of These Three Popular Closed-End Funds
This is an asset class where it is hard to separate the good from the bad from the truly ugly. Here are some danger signs and CEFs that illustrate those dangers.
These 3 REITs Are Expected To Announce Dividend Increases In January
To build momentum from your income stocks going into the new year, consider buying into those REITs that should announce higher dividend rates in the first month of 2020.
This Formerly Private Lender Just Went Public To Pay You A 10% Yield
A high current yield and monthly dividends are two hot buttons for income focused investors.
Pay Your Holiday Bills With These Monthly Dividend Stocks Going Ex-Dividend Soon
The general practice among dividend paying U.S. corporations is to declare and pay dividends quarterly, or four times a year. This contrasts with how we pay our bills and expenses.
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