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I'm the lead investment research analyst for income and dividend investing at Investors Alley, an independent investment research service. My primary role is editor of The Dividend Hunter, an investment advisory delivering research on income investments with double digit growth in share ... more


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High-Yield REITs SPG And BPY Look To Be Big Winners In J.C. Penney Bankruptcy
Is brick-and-mortar retail dead? I’m not so sure. My research points to a different paradigm for retail sales. I believe you will see more coordination and integration between traditional brick-and-mortar retail outlets and the large online sellers.
EC These Popular High-Yield Healthcare REITs Could Be Going Code Blue
The coronavirus pandemic has put a tremendous strain on the healthcare sector. At times, emergency rooms have been overrun. Simultaneously, the healthcare industry has committed many resources to fight the virus.
Producing 100% Total Returns From Busted Dividend Stocks
In the early days of the coronavirus pandemic, hundreds of companies slashed common stock dividends. Many saw business operations significantly affected and did not have the cash to pay the previous dividend rate.
ARCC, GBDC, ORCC Are All Trading At A Discount And Paying Over 10%
The coronavirus pandemic and resulting financial crisis turned investors either for or against different stock market sectors. Tech, biotech, drug companies, and large-cap retailers landed on the “loved by investors” list.
Double Digit Dividend Yields And The Potential For 100% Stock Price Gains
The S&P Energy sector remains mired in a bear market, still down 42% year-to-date. Is it time to look for value in this very shunned sector of the stock market?
3 Big-Name Funds That May Cut Dividends
Many CEFs focus on income-producing investments, and dividend cuts by portfolio stocks directly reduce a fund’s income earnings.
New COVID-19 “Papers” Could Determine Who Can And Cannot Enter Buildings
Last week there was a COVID-19 testing announcement with the potential to let United States citizens and the U.S. economy more quickly return to some semblance of normalcy.
AAPL And TSLA Stock Splits Attract Low Information Investors
Recent stock split announcements by Apple (AAPL) and Tesla (TSLA) have lit a fire under the companies’ share prices.
KNOP, SHLX, CEQP: Three Energy Stocks With Recovering Shares And Paying 15%
You have likely seen the news that the S&P 500 has recovered 100% of the losses from the COVID crash. What you won’t see in the press is the broad range of returns from the different industrial sectors used by S&P Global Ratings.
Buy These 2 Secure Dividend Funds For A Zero Interest Rate World
Casual investors will be aware of what happens in the stock market, but may not be as well informed about the current state of interest rates. There’s a way to generate easy, lifelong income that’s too often ignored.
NRZ Doubles It’s Dividend And Looks To Increase Again
There are two main reasons behind the dividend cuts we’ve seen in 2020. One reason is that the pandemic and related economic shutdown. The other is that the uncertainty brought by the pandemic pushed companies to slash dividends to retain cash.
Three Energy Stocks Poised To Double
2020 has been a wild ride for investors in energy infrastructure stocks. A range of factors, including energy demand destruction due to COVID-19, and a perception that new, renewable energy technologies, will quickly replace oil and gas usage.
NTG, GUT, CLM: Sell These Three Funds Before They Blow Up Your Portfolio
CEFs attract new investors because many of them sport attractive yields and pay monthly dividends. Many don’t understand that these are funds that trade on the stock exchanges, and not shares of individual companies.
2 Questions You Need To Ask If You’re Worried About More Dividend Cuts
The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the economy and business resulted in a stock market crash and severe business disruption for many companies. One impact was that many companies were forced or chose to slash common stock dividends.
Three Trends Driving Up Dividend Stock Share Prices After Lifting The Lockdowns
A significant change from the pandemic has been a shift in what people do with their free time and how they spend their money. Based on the news and my own personal observations, here are some trends and investment ideas.
UBS Launches 4 Leveraged ETFs After 12 Collapse In April
In March and April, the pandemic-triggered stock market crash hit the high-yield investment sectors, especially hard. Exchange-traded funds and notes (ETFs, ETNs) lost up to 90% of their value in a very short time.
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