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I'm the lead investment research analyst for income and dividend investing at Investors Alley, an independent investment research service. My primary role is editor of The Dividend Hunter, an investment advisory delivering research on income investments with double digit growth in share price ...more


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The High-Yield Stock For Energy Investing
Exxon Mobil is a Dividend Aristocrat with 25 years of dividend growth, but it currently yields only 3.2%. So, let me show you a better way of getting yield from Exxon.
The High-Yield Way To Play Spiking Oil Prices
Energy producers will be highly profitable with a price floor of $80 per barrel. The S&P energy sector was a top performer in the first quarter, and that was with oil trading in the $70s.
The Long Slog To REIT Recovery Is Starting Now
REIT share prices will lead to a recovery in business results. Stock markets are forward-looking, and the prospect of lower interest rates will renew investor interest in real estate stocks.
It’s Past Time To Get Nervous About This Bull Market
U.S. stock prices have been marching steadily higher since the end of October. The S&P 500 is up over 20% with hardly a glitch in the upward trajectory.
NFE: An Undervalued Play On LNG’s Bright Future
Over the last four years, New Fortress Energy Inc. has built a liquefied natural gas infrastructure network that goes from natural gas liquefication to transport to regasification, and to power generation.
What “Fund Expenses” Really Mean For Your Returns
Fund marketers like to push low expense ratios as a path to above-average returns. They often make it sound as if investors pay expenses directly.
Making Money With Higher-For-Longer Interest Rates
Stock traders and capital gains-focused investors have their fingers crossed and capital bets on the Federal Reserve starting to cut interest rates soon.
Prepare For The Inevitable Bounce In Natural Gas Prices
The Biden administration’s pause on approvals for new liquified natural gas liquefaction projects has tanked the price of natural gas. The low prices will curtail production, eventually leading to higher prices.
Another Covered Call ETF Lands – But Is It Any Good?
Over the last year, the YieldMax single-stock covered call ETFs have been one of the hot, high-yield investment stories.
Don’t Fear The Big, Bad Short Sellers
For an investor, few things are as unnerving as realizing that there is a concerted short-seller attack on one of your stocks. If you understand what the short sellers are trying to do, you can turn these scary moments into profitable opportunities.
Get The Tax Advantages Of MLP Investing Without The K-1 Hassles
Energy midstream companies organized as master limited partnerships (MLPs) offer significant tax advantages to investors.
Start 2024 With Even More Dividend Growth
The Reaves Utility Income Trust is an alternate way to invest in dividend growth. And, it’s an investment that pays you a great return every month.
AMZA: This Growing Dividend ETF Will Make You Rich
InfraCap MLP ETF pays stable monthly dividends and, if this trend continues, will be announcing a new higher rate each January going forward.
Where To Find Dividend Growth In 2024
Several stocks that changed their dividend policies due to the pandemic and have not yet returned to their pre-COVID practices.
The SEC Just Approved 11 Exciting New Ways To Lose Money
Much of the financial world has been waiting (for almost a decade) for the SEC to approve spot Bitcoin ETFs. On January 10, it finally happened. And now we have 11 exciting new ways to lose a bunch of money.
IWMY: Can This ETF Really Yield 5% Per Month?
The prospectus of a newly launched fund discusses its strategy to generate returns of up to 5% per month.
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