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I'm the lead investment research analyst for income and dividend investing at Investors Alley, an independent investment research service. My primary role is editor of The Dividend Hunter, an investment advisory delivering research on income investments with double digit growth in share price ...more


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The Tech Rally Shows You Need To Buy Stocks Others Hate
It is hard to believe that 2022 was a bear market for tech stocks, with steep price declines. A look at some numbers for a few stocks investors hated last year.
Hercules Capital: A Specialized, High-Yield BDC That Benefits From Rising Rates
I have four Business Development Companies on my list of recommended stocks. The Fed’s interest rate hikes have proven to be a huge benefit for BDCs. With this in mind, Hercules Capital will continue to be an excellent income investment.
Get Paid 25% While You Wait For This Turnaround Plan To Work
Qurate Retail is almost one year into its “Project Athens” turnaround plan, and if the plan is successful, one particular security could pay off very nicely.
This Consolidating Industry Creates Huge Incomes For Investors
There is a business sector in which the number of publicly traded companies has shrunk by two-thirds over the past decade. This sector provides absolutely essential services to keep the economy running.
Benefit From The Tech Rally And Get Income
For months, the share prices of most stocks have been in the doldrums or worse. Large-cap tech stocks have been the exception. Let’s check how a couple of covered call ETFs have performed compared to the most popular tech stock ETF.
This CEO Went Off On His Stock’s Value – And He’s Right
The banking sector “crisis” pulled down the share prices of companies across the financial sector. Finance REITs were included. Recently, the CEO of a favorite finance REIT made it clear that shares of his company are significantly undervalued.
Boost Your Covered Call ETF Returns
Covered call ETFs offer the combination of investment exposure to a selected index, plus high-yield income from selling call options.
MPC: You Won’t Believe The Money This Dividend Stock Is Making
A look at some numbers from the 2023 first quarter results from Marathon Petroleum Corporation.
So Far, No Crisis
Last week’s earnings reports from a few different REITs indicated that commercial office space and commercial lending have not fallen into the crisis the financial media has warned of.
The Good News In Preferred Stocks
Last week, I was a speaker at the MoneyShow in Las Vegas. I was intrigued by one idea concerning preferred stocks from the discussions: that they will allow investors to benefit from the Fed’s interest rate increases.
The Yin And Yang Of Energy Midstream Stocks
In these uncertain times for investors, energy midstream stocks offer an island of stability. This sector provides an attractive combination of current yield and dividend growth.
Even The Pros Get Market Timing Wrong
Even with professional investors, herd mentality makes successful investing a daunting task. This year, prediction after prediction about a market decline, stocks have confounded the experts with solid gains.
The Cure For A Directionless Market
High current yields and growing dividends are the cure for the directionless market. And if we are in for a “lost decade” from the stock market, yield plus growing dividends is one strategy that will still produce positive total returns.
ARE: It’s Time To Invest In REITs
REITs are down about 30% from the late 2021 highs. That means now is a good time to make some selective REIT investments.
My Favorite ETFs For This Market
The problem with traditional bond ETFs or mutual funds is that they do not hold bonds until maturity.
STWD: The Best “Buy The Dip” Stock
Buying Starwood Property Trust at current levels locks you into an 11% annual return for as long as you want to own the shares.
1 to 16 of 414 Posts
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