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I'm the lead investment research analyst for income and dividend investing at Investors Alley, an independent investment research service. My primary role is editor of The Dividend Hunter, an investment advisory delivering research on income investments with double digit growth in share ... more


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The 6 Stock Dividend Portfolio To Beat Your ETF
To build a min-REM portfolio that gives a higher yield & does not destroy principal value the strategy is to buy those finance REITs that have not been slashing dividend rates because their business models failed to adjust for changing interest rates
5 Stocks With Attractive Yields And Growing Dividends
Earn an accelerating income stream and market-beating returns with these five dividend stocks all yielding over 5%. Their increasing dividends and attractive yields will produce a growing cash income stream and capital gains.
3 Dividend Growth Stocks With Strong Buy Recommendations
The analyst community has turned bullish on these three dividend growth stocks that all yield over 4%. Not only do these stocks offer superior income opportunities they have undervalued share prices that will rise as the rest of the market wakes up.
5 Companies That Get Paid Every Time You Use The Internet
Get in on the tremendous ongoing growth prospects of these five stocks that make money every time you browse the internet and then give it back to you through generous and growing dividends.
Sell These 5 Popular Dividend REITS About To Cut Yields
Plummeting treasury yields put these five income stocks with highly leveraged portfolios at risk of dividend cuts that will send stock prices plummeting. Last time this happened in 2013, many of these names lost 30% of their values.
5 REITS Increasing Dividends In August
Buy these five REITS before they announce dividend increases that will send their share prices rallying. Investing in stocks with accelerating dividend payments is one of the best strategies to consistently increase your wealth over the long-term.
Big Dividend Increases Coming To These 3 Blue Chip Banks
Positive results from the Fed’s stress test have allowed three major banks to increase their dividends and share buybacks dramatically, up 220%, 50%, and 33% respectively!
Two Stocks Increasing Dividends In July
Dividend growth is the driving force of successful and profitable income stock investing. The announcement of a dividend increase provides several benefits to the health of your brokerage account.
Time To Take Profits In These 3 Dividend Stocks
Slowing growth in these three stocks could cause a brutal sell-off that drops prices by 15% to 20% over the next six months.
Sell These 5 Popular Dividend Stocks About To Cut Yields
Cash flow is slowing at these five companies putting them at a high risk for dividend reductions that will send their stock prices plummeting. If you’re an income investor, there is a good chance that you own at least one of these five stocks.
5 High-Yield Stocks For Growth And Income
Capitalize on this opportunity to buy 5 stocks about to be added to major indexes. Inclusion in these indexes will drive up demand for their shares, therefore increasing their prices. Buy now to lock-in high yields & quick share price appreciation.
2 REITs With Attractive Yields And Growing Dividends
Earn an accelerating income stream and market-beating returns with these two dividend stocks. Their increasing dividends and yields will produce an income stream and capital gains that are an unmatched tool for safely and increasing your wealth.
2 Dividend Stocks With Bond-Like Safety
In a small sub-sector of the dividend stock universe, you can find stocks that name the United States Government as their sole customer. Backed by strong contracts, these stocks can be counted on for income no matter where the market moves.
4 Dividend Stocks For Growth In A Flat Market And Slowing Economy
As the market appears to touch all time highs the truth is that it’s been flattening over the past year, punctuated only by abrupt, downward swings and lengthy recoveries. Finding growth and yield in this market is challenging but not impossible.
5 Stocks Growing Dividends By 30% And More
TEP, SHLX, HPP, PSB and CUBE are stocks that are perfect starting points for investors looking to earn an accelerating income stream and market-beating returns.
10 Best Dividend Stocks To Buy Regardless Of Who Wins The Election
Joining together with four other finance and Wall Street experts at a paid conference in Las Vegas, Tim Plaehn shares the ten stocks that will perform best no matter who wins the election in November.
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