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Qualcomm Rated As A Buy Ahead Of Earnings
Qualcomm is set to report earnings on April 28 and estimates show earnings and revenue are expected to jump sharply. The stock dropped significantly after its last earnings report, but that caused the stock to move in to oversold territory.
Etsy Just Hit The Lower Rail Of An Upwardly Sloped Trend Channel
Etsy has seen tremendous earnings and revenue growth over the past year and the stock has made an incredible move to the upside during that span. A recent consolidation period has allowed the lower rail of a trend channel to catch up to the stock.
Mixed Outlooks For Four Big Banks Ahead Of Earnings
The largest banks in the United States will kick off the next earnings season next week. Bank stocks have rallied sharply in recent months and the most are overbought at this time.
Activision Blizzard: Strong Fundamentals And An Upwardly-Sloped Trend Channel Earn The Stock A Strong Buy Rating
Activision Blizzard has seen earnings and revenue growth increase sharply in recent quarters and that is expected to continue in the coming quarters and years.
Near Perfect Ratings And Upward Trend Channel Are Good News For Abbott Labs
Abbott Labs saw tremendous earnings and revenue growth in the fourth quarter and the profitability measurements are great. The stock has been trending higher with a trend channel defining the various cycles within the overall upward trend.
Huge Rallies Have These Two Apparel Retailers In Overbought Territory
Apparel retailers American Eagle and Tapestry are in overbought territory. These companies' fundamental indicators are below average and a pullback seems eminent.
HH According To One Indicator, Apple Is The Most Oversold It Has Been Since 2019
Apple has underperformed the market since the beginning of 2021, but the pullback has put the stock in oversold territory. The last two times it has been anywhere near this oversold, the stock more than doubled in the next 12 months.
Meridian Bioscience Checks All The Right Marks
Meridian Biocience is a life science company that has seen strong earnings and revenue growth, is in an upward trend, and isn't terribly overvalued. There is also a sense of pessimism toward the stock from analysts.
The Return Of The Four Horsemen Of The Nasdaq
Once known as the Four Horsemen of the Nasdaq, Cisco Systems, Dell, Intel, and Microsoft haven't gotten caught up in the tech downturn..
E Akamai Technologies Generates Intermediate And Short-Term Bullish Signals
Akamai Technologies saw bullish signals generaged from its weekly and daily charts in the last few days and the company's fundamentals suggest that a bullish move is warranted.
Strange Period In The Market Providing A Buying Opportunity On Advanced Micro Devices
From February 8 through February 26, fundamentally strong stocks seemed to underperform stocks with weaker fundamental ratings. The selloff in the stocks with strong fundamentals is presenting a buying opportunity on Advanced Micro Devices.
Worried About A Correction? These 3 Stocks Look Primed For A Pullback
With several market indicators suggesting that a pullback is a real possibility, these three stocks look especially vulnerable.
E While Congress Is Meeting To Discuss High Short Interest, The Real Problem May Be Incredibly Low Short Interest
Short interest on S&P 500 stocks, as a percentage of the float, has reached its lowest level since 2000 while the index itself is over 15% above its 52-week moving average. The S&P hasn't been this far above the 52-week since 2010.
E Stalking Qualcomm For An Entry Point After Pullback
Qualcomm is currently going through its biggest pullback since last March with the stock approaching a potential support level.
E IRobot Attempting A Breakout After Short Interest Spike
Even though the stock is well off its high, it looks to be breaking out with its move above $130.
Lattice Semiconductor: Strong Fundamentals, A High Short Interest Ratio, And A Buy Signal
Thanks to GME and AMC, we all know the power of a short squeeze. But both of those companies have terrible fundamentals and are rallying for one reason and only one reason. LSCC is a far better option, here's why...
1 to 16 of 16 Posts