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25+ years on Wall Street. Expert in value investing, growth, technical analysis, and options trading/ selling volatility. Managed two successful hedge funds. 

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Value And Growth Managers Agree – These Two Stocks Are Worth Buying Now
Here are two stocks that have terrific growth but also low price-to-earnings (p/e) ratios and high return on equity. I’m sure you realize how rare that combination is in an expensive market like this one.
This Household Name Has Tripled Buffett’s Returns For A Decade
It took me a while to really understand how Dominos could be performing so well. Dominos Success is really about technology, scale, and demography.
Apple And Amazon Add Nearly $2T In Market Cap In Four Months
Apple and Amazon are great businesses no doubt.
Stock Market Chart Of The Day – Value Vs. Growth
The stock market is awash in money from the Federal Reserve and low (negative interest rates). And it makes even unattractive companies attractive to private equity or investors willing to take on more risk.
Chart Of The Day – Apple Price Vs Growth
It’s amazing how much information can be presented in one simple chart.
It’s Never Happened Before In Stock Market History And It Just Happened
This is the fastest snap back rally in stock market history. And not by a little.By nearly 7 to 8 times.
Riots And Looting Fuel Stock Market Rally – Here’s Why
Riots have gotten so severe in the past 5 days, especially in New York that it has altered the risk premium for real estate.
EC Financial Media Is In Denial About The Real Economy
As most of you know, we began this crisis in a financial bubble. The Fed lowered interest rates while the stock market was at all time highs. A 20% dive in the stock market in September resulted in the “Powell Pirouette.
7 Smart Money Moves To Crush Your Finances In 2020
It’s time to celebrate the previous year, but it’s also the perfect time for some reflection about the year ahead. Here are seven some smart money moves you should start making Now to set you up to crush 2020.
Seven Types Of Insurance You Definitely Need In 2020
Insurance is like a life jacket. It’s a bit of a nuisance when you don’t need it, but when you do need it, you’re more than thankful to have it.
11 Of The Best Side Hustles To Earn An Extra $1,000 In 2019
There’s a reason side hustles are becoming more popular these days. Not only do they allow you to expand your horizons and grow professionally, but they’re a great way to pocket some extra cash.
Apple: The Valuation Debate
What is the correct p/e for Apple stock? Here are my analysis and thoughts as well as how other iconic tech companies have become irrelevant.
E GNC:  Strategic Fit For Amazon Or Wal-Mart
While GNC Holdings's stock is not attractive to value investors at this level, there are opportunities to profit in GNC. Debt is an issue, but the brand is valuable and would make a strategic fit with Amazon.
Fear Vs. FANGs
So much has changed over the past 2 days. Changing market psychology. GS: Goldilocks is over Anger at downgrades.
Dillard's: Getting Paid To Wait
Dillard's is attractive based on all of the important metrics that smart value investors like David Einhorn look for: earnings, low p/e, stock buybacks, solid free cash flow, in a stock and sector that is out of favor with investors.
E Missed Opportunities Hurt Performance For Buffett
Mr. Buffett missed incredible opportunities during the financial crisis. As a value investor with ample liquidity, Mr. Buffett had the opportunity to create exceptional returns for his shareholders. This missed opportunity still weighs on returns.
1 to 16 of 20 Posts
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