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Chart-Trading Strategist and Coach

Sunil is a Chartered Accountant (CA) with years of stock market experience. He creates trading strategies and consults clients on algorithms written for Amibroker (AFL) or Python.

He also ghostwrites for an investment manager based in the U.S.

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E Old Men, Value Companies
Four very successful companies are managed by CEOs with a combined age of 83.5 years. Good enough for you?
E 4 Mental Health Stocks Got My Mind Made Up
The WHO has urged nations to increase their investment in mental healthcare services, or risk facing an upsurge of cases. Biotech and service companies in the mental healthcare niche are expected to do well in the medium to long term.
E These 2 Content-Based Stocks Can Pop
Here are two content-based stocks that are looking solid on the charts and can pop as long as they cross the suggested bull trigger.
E The Foolish Small Cap 8 Screen Formula And Variations
Developed by The Motley Fool, the Foolish Small Cap 8 Screen can help you identify small caps that can trend in the medium term. Here's the screen's formula along with variations.
E Edwards Lifesciences: Near-Term Techno-Fundamental Metrics
Though Edwards Lifesciences looks like a long-term investment pick, its near-term price action on the charts suggests that it is weakening. Option chain data also suggest the upside is capped.
E SPDR Biotech ETF: A Quality Long-Term Bet
I am bullish on SPDR Biotech ETF and consider it as a long-term pick because it is focused on biotech growth stocks. The biotechnology sector has a lot of potential going forward, especially in the post-COVID-19 age.
E Using A Master Candlestick Stock Screener
Learn what a Master Candle is and how to screen it. Also learn how to screen for breakouts and breakdowns. This screener will help you find trending stocks.
E Glu Mobile – Potential Ten Bagger
Glu Mobile is a niche mobile game developer with a portfolio of solidly-performing games. Here's why am extremely bullish on the stock.
E Post-COVID-19 Investment Themes
Aside from changing the way we live and interact, COVID-19 seems all set to also change our investment strategies. New leaders are emerging and investors should latch on to them before they become expensive.
E Vaxart: Slightly Cautious, Mostly Bullish
The major reason Vaxart appreciated a massive 470% from $0.50 to $.2.34 within 30 days can be attributed to the buzz surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic – but don’t be fooled by that.
E School Specialty: Risky And Speculative
At $0.20, investing in SCOO appears risk-free. However, the company had defaulted on its debt commitments in late-2019 and must pay up by Mar 31, 2020. This is an extremely risky stock and investors should follow the suggested strategy.
E Tomi Environmental Solutions: Cashing In On The Virus
The COVID-19 virus has suddenly turned the spotlight on companies that make antiviral products. Tomi Environmental Solutions is one such company that is cashing in on the coronavirus fear.
E Co Diagnostics: Coronavirus Infects The Stock
I am bullish on CODX for the long term. The company makes diagnostic kits, agricultural aids, and equipment. Its COVID-19 test kit has recently obtained regulatory approval and can be exported starting immediately. The future looks bright.
E Twitter, Twitter Heavy Hitter
Twitter's evolution is expected to gather pace in 2020-21 with new features, sharper content and ad delivery, advertiser-friendly ad stack, live events and more. The action's just heating up and I am very bullish on the stock for the long term.
E Here's The Reason Why Marchex's Owner Is Regularly Buying Stock
Marchex's 10% equity owner has been regularly buying its stock for the whole of 2019. Though the stock price hasn't budged, there are things happening inside the company that can propel its valuations. Here's what's up.
E A Deep & Dark Relative Strength Index (RSI) Secret
You may have heard that when RSI crosses above 70, the stock is overbought. Or oversold, when RSI crosses below 30. Well, it's time to dismiss these antiquated theories and practice what really works.
1 to 16 of 17 Posts
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