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The Mastermind Within covers personal finance, self improvement, and entrepreneurship. Here’s what you can expect on The Mastermind Within: articles and tools to help you with personal finance and getting you on the path to financial freedom, articles on the books I’ve read, and ... more


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How To Know If You Are In Good Financial Shape
In this post, you’ll be able to take a short, 7 question quiz to see if you are in good financial shape or not, and learn more about improving your personal financial situation.
5 Ways To Earn More Without Working More
Need to increase your income? For most people there is only one solution – work more hours.
It’s Never Too Late To Start Investing
Want to hear a scary statistic? Almost half of all adults in the United States 55 and over have nothing saved for retirement.
Thoughts On Current Events And Avoiding Ivory Tower Syndrome
Being in the personal finance space, and also working at a bank, I have to work on avoiding the Ivory Tower Syndrome: living an impractical life removed from the pressures and troubles of everyday life.
6 Investing Mindset Tips To Cultivate Investing Discipline
Having the right frame of mind is imperative when it comes to investing, whether you’re a battle-hardened day trader or a total investing beginner.
Financial Results From 4 Years Of House Hacking (From Purchase To Sale)
For anyone in the early stages of building wealth, house hacking is definitely something to consider. In this post, I'll share the results of my house hacking, talk about how expensive houses are, and give you some house hacking inspiration.
Stocks Are Not On Sale
Are stocks on sale? I don’t believe so. I believe stocks are still very overvalued.
Why I’m Considering A 401(k) Loan
In this article I will touch on a number of things regarding 401(k) loans, the current state of the economy and markets (in my eyes), and talk about why I’m considering a 401(k) loan.
Why The Stock Market Cannot Always Go Up
This month, I’ve decided to embrace my recent non-traditional and alternative thoughts on the personal finance space and talk about a number of things that I’ve been battling with internally about money, the markets and investing.
1 to 9 of 9 Posts