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We see Investment themes at work and at play every day in the economy — oftentimes across industries and categories — and other aspects of day to day life. It is the opposite of the typical Wall Street approach to research, which oftentimes overly focuses on a single industry at a ... more


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Us Telemedicine Users To Surpass 40 Million In 2020, 60 Million By 2023
This year, 41.7 million adults in the US will use telemedicine, representing 98.8% growth from a year prior, according to our latest estimates.
How The Pandemic Has Increased The Need For Cybersecurity
Cyber attackers have looked to leverage the pandemic as best they could. In the first 100 days of the outbreak, the number of spam messages using coronavirus themes increased 26%, and the number of COVID-19-themed impersonation attacks jumped 30%.
What Is 5G, And How Can Investors Jump On This Emergent Technology?
We’ve been hearing about this 5G technology for years and how it is going to revolutionize our lives, make autonomous vehicles, and reduce cholesterol levels. Well, maybe not that last one, but it has been touted as being a big deal, so what is 5G?
Household Pulse Survey Points To A Looming Rent Crisis In The US
Consumers feeling the pinch of our middle-class squeeze investing theme will be cutting back on spending both discretionary and non-discretionary. Per the latest Household Pulse Survey it looks like rent payments are one such area.
Before You Tiktok, Think Again
After the cybersecurity and data privacy issues that were uncovered with Zoom, we suspect much more will be made of a vulnerability at TikTok in the coming days.
Markets Grapple With GDP Impacts Of Coronavirus
As we close the books on January, gains in equities earlier in the month have come under pressure as the coronavirus continues to expand. Investors and economists are assess the impacting of this on the global economy and corporate earnings.
Volatility Remains Under-Priced And Safety Plays More Attractive
The biggest market move was ignited when the (claimed) Yemeni Houthi rebels (aka Iran?) attacked the Saudi Aramco Abqaiq oil processing facility.
The Magic 8-Ball Market
Last week ended with equity markets taking another dive that accelerated into Friday’s close as the trade war with China intensified heading into its eighteenth month with China announcing that it will impose retaliatory tariffs on US goods.
Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover
When economies and markets are near a turning point, often the headlines tell a very different story than is revealed by digging deeper into the data.
Betting On Central Banks As It Gets Plain Ugly
The market is hoping, praying and pricing for a Federal Reserve rate cut ostensibly driven by the now dual trade wars, which means the actions of the president are driving both monetary and fiscal policy – surely this will not end well.
Seeing Through The Smoke Of The Trade War
The impact of Federal Reserve Chairman Powell’s sweet whispers to the market that the 2018 rate hikes are on hold for 2019 is wearing off as politics and trade tensions dominate the markets, especially talk of China.
Middle Class Squeeze, Aging Of The Population: Themes Converging Under Golden Arches
Would you like your Social Security with a side of fries?
The World’s Biggest Brands Going Green With Refillables
The world’s biggest consumer brands are looking to provide their products to consumers in refillable containers so as to reduce waste. This creates a tailwind behind those providing the containers and the refilling services.
Clicks Vs Bricks Becoming A Very Fuzzy Struggle
As popular as online shopping is these days, and the main source of growth for the retail sector, in 2018 according to Stastista, e-commerce was only 10% of overall retail sales.
Debt Bombs Ticking Across The Globe
There are times when writing from the macro perspective can be challenging, particularly when macro takes a backseat as it is prone to do during parts of the business cycle. This year macro is back with a bang.
Online Fraudulent Traffic Increasing This Holiday Season
New research shows that more online shopping is a spark for cyber attacks, increasing the risk of identity theft, fraudulent traffic and other malicious activity that is a tailwind for cyber spending and our Safety & Security investing theme.
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