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5 Cannabis Sector M&A Transactions That Grabbed Investor Attention
During the last year, we have seen an increase in the amount of M&A activity in the US cannabis market and this is a trend that we expect to become more significant in 2021.
It’s Going To Be A Very Rocky Road For Europes Largest Economy To Legalize Adult-Use Cannabis
If you thought it was challenging enough to pass legislation in the US, a country that has two dominate parties, think again…
Adult Use Cannabis Sales Growth In Canada Is A Bright Spot For The Global Cannabis Sector
During the last month, the cannabis sector has been trending to the upside and has come well off its 2020 lows.
Will HEXO Corp. Be Able To Catch Up To Canopy Growth To Be The Cannabis Beverage King Of Canada?
Cannabis-infused beverages is a vertical of Canada’s market that has become a major revenue generator for companies that have been able to execute on the opportunity.
The Canadian Cannabis Sector Has Had Plenty Of Highs And Lows Two Years Into Federal Legalization
Over the weekend, Canada celebrated the two-year anniversary of recreational cannabis being legalized.
A Major Milestone For The U.S. Cannabis Sector
So far this year, one of the most significant developments for the cannabis industry is related to the creation of an Exchange Traded Fund that is levered to the US market.
Aurora Cannabis And Canopy Growth Corp. Are Racing To Build Competing Canadian Cannabis Retail Footprints
Although the Canadian cannabis retail sector has not lived up to the expectations that were associated with the 2.0 market, the industry has recorded major advancements so far this year.
Hexo Corp. And Molson Coors Long Awaited Cannabis Beverage Collaboration Is Finally Here
Even though we like to blame Health Canada for many of the issues with the cannabis market, much of the blame can be put on the companies.
Where Will Aurora Cannabis And Hexo Corp. Be A Year From Now?
During the last year, the landscape of the Canadian cannabis industry has changed and valuations across the board have plunged (despite the opening of the cannabis 2.0 market).
3 Cannabis Price Target Upgrades Investors Need To Know
Earnings season has started to heat up and US cannabis companies have been in focus.
Despite Massive Stock Underperformance Canopy Growth Corps. CEO’s Compensation Stayed High
Although 2019 was a challenging year for Canopy Growth Corporation that was highlighted by a more than 30% drop in share price, CEO David Klein’s total compensation for the 2020 fiscal year was $33.8 million.
3 Cannabis Stocks We Were Right On From The Beginning
During the last decade, the legal cannabis industry has made incredible advancements as countries across the globe have legalized or decriminalized the plant.
A Tale Of Two Cannabis Retailers
More than two years ago, California’s recreational cannabis market opened, and this represented a major milestone for the industry.
With Legalization On The Horizon The U.S. Cannabis Sector Is Setting The Stage To Emerge As The Global Cannabis Leader
During the last year, we have noticed a paradigm shift in the cannabis industry and have watched as US cannabis companies have started to put up stronger numbers than leading Canadian cannabis producers.
Where Does Namaste Technologies Go From Here?
Last week, Namaste Technologies Inc. released second-quarter financial results for the period that ended on May 31st and we were impressed with how it was able to grow revenues on a quarter-over-quarter basis.
Its Time To Sink Or Swim For Hexo Corp
During the last month, HEXO Corp. reported a number of significant developments centered on reducing expenses and strengthening its balance sheet.
1 to 16 of 103 Posts
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