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The Cannabis Sector Is Ramping Up For A Major M&A Cycle
Although the last few years have been volatile for the global cannabis industry, the sector comprises some of the fastest-growing businesses.
The Vape Market Is Booming Once Again Years After Facing An Existential Crisis
During the last decade, we have seen a significant increase in the number of consumers that have switched to smokeless tobacco products and this is a trend that we expect to become more significant in cannabis over the next decade.
Can The Cannabis Sector Stay High While Inflation Runs Rampant And Energy Costs Skyrocket By The Day?
Prior to the Russia-Ukraine conflict, rising interest rates and inflation were two of the most talked-about subjects on any major financial media network.
The Global Growth Narrative For The Cannabis Sector Continues To March Forward
International cannabis markets were a main topic of discussion in 2021 and we expect this aspect of the industry to be even more significant in 2022.
Is 2022 The Year The Canadian Cannabis Industry Finally Starts To Hit Its Growth Phase?
Although recreational cannabis has been legal in Canada for three years, the market continues to face challenges.
These 3 Major Catalysts Could Drive Cannabis Stocks Higher In 2022
When cannabis legislation failed to advance in 2021, the sector came under heavy pressure and this is a trend to be aware of.
The Canadian Cannabis Market Continues To Grow While The Capital Markets Continue To Underperform
Although COVID has been a headwind for growth, the Canadian cannabis sector benefited from an increase in the number of retail outlets as well as falling flower prices. 
Israel Represents An Attractive Long-Term Growth Opportunity For Aurora Cannabis Inc.
A few years ago, Israel overtook Germany as the world’s largest cannabis importer and this is a market that we have been bullish on.
5 Themes That Will Drive The Cannabis Sector Higher In 2022
2021 was a period of strong growth for the global cannabis market and we expect the cannabis sector to build on its success in 2022.
Organigram Holdings Had A Pretty Strong 2021 And Are Full Steam Ahead Going Into 2022
Earlier this year, Organigram Holdings Inc. received a large investment from a leading tobacco conglomerate and we saw a spike in interest in the Canadian Licensed Producer (LP) after the announcement.
The U.S. Cannabis Industry Will Vastly Outperform Their Canadian Counterparts In 2022
A tectonic shift is taking place in the cannabis industry and we expect the trend to have a major impact on operators that are levered to it. 
Did San Francisco Just Kick Off A Major Trend To Help Cannabis Companies Boost Revenue?
In an attempt to improve the landscape of the cannabis industry in San Francisco, county supervisors unanimously approved an ordinance to suspend the city’s Cannabis Business Tax through the end of next year.
Cannabis Operators In Canada Are Still Having Issues Obtaining Banking Resources Four Years Into Legalization
Although cannabis is legal at the federal level in Canada, main retail store owners are having trouble accessing basic financial services.
Will The Cannabis Banking Legislation Included In The NDAA Sink Or Swim?
The House of Representatives approved the National Defense Authorization Act, a large-scale defense spending bill that includes an amendment to protect banks that work with state-legal cannabis businesses from being penalized by federal regulators. 
Italy Is About To Become One Of The Major Growth Drivers Of The European Cannabis Movement
Although we consider the United States to be the most attractive cannabis market in the world, we continue to remain bullish on the opportunity in the European Union (EU).
11 Cannabis Stocks That Have Moved Significantly In September
During the last quarter, the cannabis sector has been under pressure and we have not seen the normal post-summer rally. 
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