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Tea Muratovic has worked in the financial markets for many years and has gained a strong background in the international market environment. As a founder of Seasonax Capital (investment boutique) she has received several investment awards and been recognized by the industry experts for her ...more


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Year-End Stock Market Rally: Myth Or Reality?
As the end of the calendar year approaches, whispers of a stock market rally begin to circulate among investors and financial analysts.
October’s Stock Market Mojo
October kicks off the last quarter of the year, a time when companies and individuals are busy refining their financial positions and seeking rewarding investment avenues.
The Dog Days Of Summer: How August Affects The Stock Market
August is widely known for its scorching heat and languid days. However, it often carries with it a unique behavioral pattern in the stock market.
White Gold Fever: Riding The Lithium Wave In The Stock Market
Silver-white, light, and highly reactive, lithium might not be the most famous element on the periodic table, but it is definitely one of the most influential at present in shaping our modern world.
Seasonal Weakness In Oil Companies: The Summer Slump
Oil stocks used to be an easy investment choice due to the globalized economy’s hunger for fossil fuels. Recent surplus of crude oil and natural gas as well as irregular demand patterns have made the energy sector lag behind the broader stock market.
“Wining And Dining” On The Stock Exchange
With Memorial Day marking the unofficial start of the summer season in the United States, it’s not only outdoor activities, vacations, and barbecues that see a spike in consumer spending.
“Sell In May Effect”: Uncovering Investment Opportunities During Seasonal Weakness
Despite the seasonal weakness that is often associated with the summer months, there are still market opportunities waiting to be uncovered.
How Often Does The Christmas Rally Bring You Presents?
Christmas rally is one of the most popular seasonal patterns and lasts from mid-December to early January.
Gold And Metals Under The Seasonal Magnifying Glass
While gold and silver are strongly correlated, there are differences in the seasonal pattern. It is worth noting: seasonally, gold also rises during the rest of the year, while silver shows a slight downward trend from mid-February to mid-December.
Is An October Crash Looming?
Tensions in the markets are increasing. Interest rate hikes, the rise in the U.S. dollar, the energy crisis in Europe, and signs of recession, are just some of the indicators that could point to further price declines.
Are Luxury Stocks Recession-Proof?
According to Oxford Economics, Americans saved roughly $3.7 trillion during the pandemic. However, approximately $360 billion of that amount will be spent by the end of 2022. Think twice, where will all the dollars go?
Are “Summer Stocks” Worth Buying During The Summer?
Detailed consideration is key. It’s important to know that every stock has its own unique seasonal period that is based on solid fundamental drivers.
Even The Stock Market Enjoys Spring Weather
Sunny weather and mild April temperatures seem to have an impact on market performance by enhancing the confidence of bullish traders.
Geopolitical Risks And Stock Market Opportunities Ahead
In recent years, markets have been conditioned not to overreact to political and geopolitical shocks.
Will The Winter Olympics Bring A Gold Medal To The Stock Markets?
Could Visa’s earnings be once again spurred on during February, and are there other technical and fundamental reasons that could contribute to future gains?
And Just Like That 2022
With many ongoing problems, 2022 will still be bumpy, therefore buckle your seat belts and prepare for the ride.
1 to 16 of 36 Posts