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Tanya started her career in Forex business in 2002 as a translator and a news feed creator for a Russian-based broker. Soon afterwards she was promoted to a fundamental analyst and news translators team leader. As an individual entrepreneur, she collaborated with such media outlets as FXStreet, ... more


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DeFi Is Plagued By Flagrant Bugs Leading To $10 Million In Losses Over The Past Week
Three DeFi protocols lost nearly $10 million of user funds in a week. The industry is still immature and vulnerable to exploits.
Ethereum Price Analysis: ETH Growth Perspectives Are Mired As Miners Dump Their Coins
ETH/USD needs to remain above $390 to continue growing. The ETH long-term perspectives are still bullish.
Bitcoin HODlers Do Not Have To Disclose Their Holdings To IRS After All
The US Tax Authority publishes guidelines for cryptocurrency users. IRS wants to know about cryptocurrency transactions, less interested in holders.
Litecoin Price Analysis: LTC Ready To Shoot Above $60 As Network Usage Skyrocketing
LTC/USD has settled above a significant technical barrier. On-chain metrics imply that the price is positioned for further growth.
Zcash Is About To Have Its Major Protocol Update And Halving At The Same Time
Zcash is ready with the fifth major network update. The first halving is about the take place at the same time.
CBDCs Are A Reality Now, And IMF To Push For Their Adoption
Jerome Powell says the Fed needs to take care of risks related to CBDC. The central bank's adoption of CBDC will force a dramatic change in the global financial system.
EC Millions Of Dollars Entering The Cryptocurrency Market Ahead Of A New Bull Market
Institutional money is flowing into Bitcoin. The trend is likely to gain traction in the nearest future. The technical picture implies BTC/USD needs to clear $12,000 to resume the recovery.
The Bloodbath On The DeFi Market Is The Best Time To Buy — Research
DeFi tokens are going through the bust cycle. The research shows that pessimistic sentiments are a good signal for long-term investors. Popular DeFi tokens are showing signs of reversal.
Ripple Is Fed Up With The US Regulatory Repressions; XRP Goes To The South
Ripple may relocate from the US to a country with a more friendly cryptocurrency regulation. XRP/USD reversed from the support area, ready to extend the downside correction.
Ethereum Classic May Be A Lost Case As Community Opens Up About The Blockchain's Flaws
Ethereum Classic came to life due to a hack attack. Hackers continue to exploit insecure blockchain. The community admits the flaws but has a hard time finding solutions.
Reddit Users Should Hurry Up If They Want To Cash Out MOON Tokens, Price Is Falling
Reddit users found a way to cash out their testnet token MOON. The token is now available on the cryptocurrency exchange Honeymoon at $0.072.
Uniswap's DeFi Market Share Exceeds 18.5%: What's Behind The Project's Success
Over $2 billion locked on the DeFi Protocol Uniswap. The innovative concept and the benefit of the first mover gave Uniswap a head start.
Alipay's Owner Wants To Monopolize The Payment Industry In China
Ant Group launches the blockchain-based platform for trade settlements. The move may strengthen the Chinese pivot to digitalization ahead of the digital yuan launch.
Central Banks Move To Crypto In The Effort To Retain Control Over The Monetary System
The global regulators are actively looking into creating CBDC. China is ahead of the curve, while the US lags behind. Cryptocurrency supporters say CBDC won't replace BTC.
The Cryptocurrency Industry Waits For Institutional Investors, And They Are Coming
Research shows that institutional investors are more inclined to invest in Bitcoin. The industry hopes the involvement of large institutions will foster mass adoption.
Bermuda Stock Exchange Launches Bitcoin ETF: What It Means For The Cryptocurrency Market
Brazillian fund manager Hashdex got the approval for Bitcoin's ETF. The fund will be launched on the Bermuda Stock Exchange in collaboration with Nasdaq.
1 to 16 of 24 Posts
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