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Taki Tsaklanos is the founder and lead analyst at InvestingHaven.com, a research service focused on unlocking opportunities across markets. With +15 years of experience in markets, he has developed a methodology based on 7 indicators: chart patterns, intermarket analysis, market internals, ... more


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Global Stock Leading Indicator: A Not So Promising Setup For February Of 2021
Let’s face it, the recent stock market rally was amazing but can’t continue forever. And the leading stock market indicator, the Russell 2000, is sending a first warning sign.
Bitcoin: Major Top Already Hit Or Parabolic Move Underway?
It is pretty simple in crypto land: this is a major top which will last at least six months, or this is the warming up for a blow off top in crypto markets. It is always binary in markets (up vs down) but this particular setup in crypto is extreme.
Dollar Ready To Create Havoc With Markets?
It is happening: the Dollar is back after it was beaten down by the Corona vaccination. Our medium term forecast is that the Dollar will bring volatility in February and March, but our longer term 2021 forecast remains bullish.
S&P 500: Is This A Medium Term Topping Pattern?
It looks like the S&P 500 is setting a medium term top. This is confirmed by a topping pattern in the Russell 2000 and a Dollar eager to move higher. A medium term top in stocks was set last week, presumably.
Gold To Continue To Bump Into Resistance In 2021 At Former Highs
The gold market is going through rough waters. Even though we stick to our longer term gold forecast 2021 we believe that gold will first feel the pain, then the gain.
The Make Or Break Week In Stock Markets
The coming week will be decisive for stock markets for the remainder of January, as suggested by one of leading our crash indicators. A make or break week, and a good outcome will push stocks really higher in January.
Silver’s Drop Created Short To Medium Term Damage
Friday’s violent drop in the price of silver created some damage, visible on the daily chart. On the weekly chart, we can conclude one thing: silver needs time, more time, before it can become wildly bullish again.
The Last Hurdle For Crypto Markets
Crypto markets are very bullish, and are likely to continue to be bullish in January of 2021. We believe February of 2021 will be the turning point.
A Cobalt Market Forecast For 2021
A few months after the Corona crash the cobalt market started rebounding. And as we kick off 2021 we see huge reversal patterns on the charts of a few leading cobalt stocks.
A Rare Earth Metal Stocks Forecast For 2021
We have a bullish rare earth metal stocks forecast for 2021. We see a 50% upside potential in rare earth metal stocks in 2021, we add this as another bullish 2021 forecast in our series of global market forecasts.
A Bullish Lithium Stocks Forecast For 2021
Imagine what will happen with lithium miners once the lithium price doubles, as the trend looks to have started recently,
Uranium Market Forecast For 2021
We do not cover the uranium market often, but, admittedly, this forgotten stock market segment looks increasingly more attractive. There is bullish momentum brewing in this sector.
Silver’s Profile Is Improving Going Into 2021
Silver’s profile is improving considerably as we head into the first trading days of 2021. When it comes to silver, it is increasingly clear that the market is choosing for a nice consolidation. That’s great, for the medium term.
XRP: From Most Powerful Ever To Most Concerning, In One Month
The SEC allegations that triggered sell off in XRP did create some first damage on the long term chart of XRP, and it probably is going to create ‘real damage’ in the weeks and months that follow.
Crypto Investing: A Big Red Flag That Smart Investors Don’t Ignore
The first question to ask to anyone doing an outrageous prediction is whether their portfolio reflects their prediction, and if will not be selling in case it appears that prediction won’t come true.
Commodities Bullish As Dollar Continues To Be Bearish Going Into 2021
Commodities did very well lately, and we are bullish long term as said in our commodities outlook 2021. That’s partly because of Euro strength and some other 2021 forecasts. Consequently, the US Dollar is expected to be supportive for commodities.
1 to 16 of 1074 Posts
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