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I was a Manager of European Equities in the City of London for 10 years at Newton Investment Management, which I recently left to join as CEO. StockViews is a crowdsourced community of web-based equity analysts, which aims to become a 'Virtual' Wall Street brokerage.


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Embracing Bears
Advocating that a stock is valued less than its current worth has never been a fashionable pastime in an industry that has made money out of growing asset bases.
The Stratification Of Equity Research: Coverage Vs Research
With the closing of multiple investment banks’ equity research departments and headcount reductions throughout the industry, there remains little doubt that the world of equity research is changing rapidly.|
Intrinsic Value And The Margin Of Safety
Intrinsic value as a concept is not difficult to understand – it merely represents the future cash flows of a company discounted back to a present value.
The Value Of Dividends
When a company pays a dividend, they are paying you, the owner, with cash that you already own. In theory this transaction shouldn’t create any value.
How To Analyze A Cyclical Company
Analyzing a cyclical company presents a special set of challenges for the equity analyst. The market generally underestimates the role of the cycle resulting in wild swings in cyclical stocks. For the smart, this can create wonderful opportunities.
Can You Live Without Your Bloomberg?
On our journey to democratize equity research, we occasionally come across skeptics. One common pushback centers around “access to financial data”.
The Past As A Guide To The Future
Historical analysis of the financials is a crucial part of understanding any company. The problem with most sell side analysts is that they don’t look back far enough – typically viewing two years of history as sufficient.
Why Bother With The Balance Sheet?
Many famous investors have themselves discovered, monitoring the balance sheet can help you to avoid the costly mistakes that seem so obvious with hindsight.
Getting Value Out Of Management Meetings
Skilfully interviewing company management is one of the most daunting and challenging tasks of an equity analyst or portfolio manager. Top class analysts who have learnt to do it well incorporate it as a key part of their process...
The Hedonic Treadmill And Wall Street
It’s important for investors to know what market expectations are. It provides a clue to the mentality of the market and how fast investors are running on the “hedonic treadmill”. The faster it’s going the more dangerous it will be to get on.
5 Traits Of A Great Management Team
When you invest in a stock, you agree to become co-owner in a small part of that business. Like any investment, you want to be sure that the people in charge are people you can trust to manage the business well.
Are You A Second-Level Thinker?
“Second-Level Thinking” is a term popularized by Howard Marks of Oaktree Capital to describe those investors who look beyond the obvious.
Know When To Hold 'Em … Know When To Fold 'Em
The "stop-loss" is one dangerous concept that investors seem to borrow from the world of trading. But to sell on a stop-loss is to be directed by the price action alone, with no reference to the underlying value of the stock.
Why Investing Should Be Boring
In this world of constant news flow, and rapid access to financial data, it’s easy to forget the difference between investing and trading. Many amateurs (and most professionals for that matter) seem to confuse the two concepts...
Six Key Things To Look For In Quarterly Earnings
Quarterly results can sometimes feel like a feeding frenzy as Wall Street analysts and financial news anchors descend on the headline numbers and tear them apart. Here are six key things to look for in every quarterly report.
Tsipras Blinks, But Is It Too Late?
The markets have welcomed the U-turn by the Tsipras Government, but the outcome remains highly uncertain.
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