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I am an ETF & Research Analyst at Zacks Investment Research.

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6 ETFs In The Spotlight Ahead Of Big Tech Q2 Earnings
The technology sector, which was the major victim of inflation fears and lofty valuation concerns, has regained solid momentum in recent months.
Intel Q2 Earnings Put These ETFs In Focus
ETFs with the highest allocation to the world’s biggest semiconductor maker will be in focus. Investors should closely monitor the movement of these funds and grab the opportunity whenever it arises.
Healthcare ETFs In Focus As Q2 Earnings Unfold
Let’s dig deeper into the earnings picture of the companies which will drive the performance of healthcare funds in the coming days.
Netflix Q2 Earnings Put These ETFs In Focus
The Q2 result has put the ETFs with a higher allocation to Netflix in focus.
What Lies Ahead For Chip ETFs In Q2 Earnings?
Semiconductors have shown strong resilience amid the coronavirus pandemic on the stay-at-home trend. However, the tech sell-off in May led to a brutal decline in chip stocks.
ETFs To Buy On IBM's Biggest Sales Growth In 3 Years
Investors could easily tap the opportune moment by investing in ETFs with the highest allocation to the tech giant.
5 Best-Performing ETFs Of Last Week
A few ETFs have gained last week. Here are five of them.
Intel ETFs Heat Up On GlobalFoundries Deal Buzz
Amid the shortage of chips globally, the semiconductor industry has been heating up with the M&A wave. This is especially true as Intel INTC reportedly is in talks to acquire the specialist chip production company GlobalFoundries.
Dow ETF Set To Rise Further As Q2 Earnings Kick Off
With some blue-chip companies’ earnings scheduled for the coming days, investors should closely monitor the movement of the Dow ETF and grab any opportunity that arises from a surge in any of the 30 stocks.
Sector ETFs, Stocks To Bet On Q2 Solid Earnings Expectation
Here are one ETF and one stock from the four sectors that could make great plays as the earnings season unfolds.
5 Quality ETFs To Buy Now
Here are five ETFs that could enjoy smooth trading and generate market-beating returns in the current market environment.
Growth Worries Spark Appeal For Low-Risk ETFs
Those looking to remain invested in equity could consider low-risk ETFs.
10 Top-Ranked Stocks Powering S&P 500 ETF
Though most stocks in the fund’s portfolio have been in the deeper green so far this year, here are 10 stocks that led the rally.
5 Winning ETF Strategies For The Second Half
Here are some winning strategies that could prove to be extremely beneficial for investors in the second half of 2021.
ETF & Stocks To Ride On Auto Industry Strength
Here is the pure-play auto ETF and a few stocks that could be attractive picks for the remainder of 2021.
5 American ETFs That Are Seeing Fireworks Post-Pandemic
Here are a few sector ETFs that have more than doubled in a year. These funds focus exclusively on U.S. equities and deserve the attention of investors seeking a domestic tilt to their portfolio going into the Fourth of July holiday.
1 to 16 of 1631 Posts
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