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Surf City is 60-year-old retired Information Technology Executive and Software start-up Entrepreneur living near the beach in California.   He has been an active investor and trader since the mid-1980s. Analytical by nature, his sound investments over the years allowed him to retire at ... more


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Gold Bus Has Left The Station
Gold & PMs sure look ready to break out to the upside now.
Has The USD Finally Topped?
The USD has had a bullish run out of it’s Intermediate and Yearly Cycle Low (YCL) in early February but it is now deep in my timing band to start seeking out its next 5-6 Month Intermediate Cycle Low (ICL).
Gold Cycle Anomaly & USD Cycles
The next week or 2 are critical, IMO and Gold needs to show some bullish follow through.
Gold & GDX Intermediate Cycle Update
There is no doubt that GDX and HUI index had a failed Intermediate Cycle based on Friday’s price action but the XAU index and GDXJ did not just yet, which highlights that the mix of miners with the various ETF an Indexes represents a mixed bag.
Reversal Day In Precious Metals?
Here are a few charts on the USD, Gold, Silver and GDX showing the reversals today.
Gold Intermediate Cycle Update - Monday, December 4
A longer-term perspective on where Gold is likely headed in 2018.
USD Intermediate Cycle Update
The USD has found its longer-term 5-6 month Intermediate Cycle Low (ICL) back in early September near the 7-month mark.
There Are Juniors And Then There Is Novo And KL
One offset to the single miner approach with these two is that big industry names are acquiring shares, including Eric Sprott who has major positions on both.
Soft Commodity Update
Are Soft commodities finding a major low here? Could be but it will vary by commodity and could take another few months to a year for some.
Has The Euro Topped?
I have taken a trade in shorting the Euro with the EUO ETF but have not yet made this a portfolio trade as it is risky.
US Dollar Super Cycle Update
Clearly, the USD is teetering at critical support right now similar to what happened the last tine in 2002 when it lost this key, long term, moving average.
Gold Versus Bitcoin BTC
Bitcoin has vastly outperformed Gold. I am still very positive that Gold and the PM sector will have its time in the sun again, but GBTC has given me another asset to trade while Gold and PMs have largely consolidated sideways for most of the year.
Copper Cycles Update
Copper will likely test the $3 level before its 5-6 month Intermediate Cycle tops out. The daily RSI is in the nosebleed section, however, as we are approaching the 3-month mark in its current uptrend.
Gold Cycle Outlook: Cautiously Bullish
I am cautiously bullish with yesterday's new high in Gold and GDX on day 13. Silver also made a new high on day 12 but is still lagging Gold out of the recent low.
Gold And GDX Trading Cycle
Short term we have started a new Trading or Daily Cycle.
Stage Analysis Gold And USD
The 30ema seems to have found a bottom but in 2017, it seems to be a midpoint for price and is not yet providing strong support at major lows for either Gold or GDX.
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