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What A Coronavirus Crisis Means For Europe
Europe's stock markets have plunged in recent days, with its largest economies (Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Italy and Spain) now all reporting upticks in cases of COVID-19.
In Indonesia, Energy Reform Takes A Back Seat To Pragmatism
Indonesian President Joko Widodo fulfilled some aspects of his far-reaching energy reform in his first term, but he is more likely to continue watering down some of his goals in his second term.
Pakistan, Saudi Arabia: What Riyadh's Economic Lifeline Means For Islamabad
South Asia is the world's fastest-growing economic region and Pakistan recently recorded its highest growth in over a decade — a 5.8 percent year-over-year increase in goods and services.
Japan's Auto Sector Is Poised To Weather A U.S. Tariff Storm
While Japan's reliance on access to the U.S. market puts it at moderate risk if U.S. tariffs do go into force, its previous adaptations to U.S. protectionist pushes gives it some degree of leeway.
Turkey's Economy Takes A Tumble. What's Next?
Turkey is a major emerging market economy with $466 billion in foreign debt (about 78 percent in U.S. dollars and about 18 percent in euros), or 52.9 percent of gross domestic product.
In Canada, A Trade War Emerges
Canada has a trade war on its hands — and it is one entirely of its own making.
How Tax Reform Will Net The US Big Returns
The United States currently finds itself on the cusp of a new economic epoch. The story of the last 30 years has centered on the unleashing of China's giant workforce on the global economy, along with the resulting impact.
2018 Second-Quarter Forecast
Tensions between the United States and China will spike, putting businesses caught in the fray at risk. While the White House targets Chinese trade, Congress will rouse Beijing's ire by upgrading US ties with Taiwan.
Marshall Islands: Why The Island Nation Wants To Launch A Cryptocurrency
The Marshall Islands, a small island nation in the western Pacific Ocean, plans to make big waves in the cryptocurrency world.
U.S. And Brazil: How Two Regional Giants Are Split On Trade And Politics
The United States and Brazil might have switched their ideas about trade, but that hasn't brought them any closer to finding agreement.
Tit For Tat? The Shape Of U.S. Restrictions On Chinese FDI
In its ongoing pushback against Chinese trade and investment, the White House is reportedly mulling restrictions on Chinese investment that mirror the restrictions imposed by Beijing on U.S. investment in China.
At Davos, Geopolitics And Business Dance A Winding Waltz
It's that other time of year again. The time when the world’s business and political elites gather at an Alpine resort in Davos, Switzerland, to compare notes on the challenges they face.
Trade Profile: The U.S. Struggles To Break Its Fetters
Global trade is changing. The kinds of multilateral agreements that characterized the postwar years have stalled over the past two decades, prompting countries and economic blocs to try to negotiate smaller deals with fewer partners.
A Vote On The Future Of Chilean Copper And Lithium
Soon, Chilean voters will make a decision that could affect the country's crucial copper and lithium extraction industries, buttresses of Chile's economy and a key area for future growth.
In China, Innovation Cuts Both Ways
China is in a bind. The heavy industry that propelled the country's economy through three decades of dizzying growth has reached its limits.
What 'Energy Security' Looks Like In The 21st Century
Energy security, which features flexibility in supply chains as its cornerstone, is becoming increasingly common in today's globalized world.
1 to 16 of 77 Posts
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