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Stone Fox Capital Advisors is a registered investment advisor founded in 2010. The firm offers portfolio management with a focus on opportunistic stocks providing secular growth trends at an affordable value. An emphasis is placed on fundamental analysis though charts are used for timing entry ... more


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Baidu: Positioned To Thrive After Coronavirus Fades
Baidu has dipped $20 on the coronavirus market weakness. The company is positioned to thrive when the Chinese economy rebounds, but investors should brace for weak Q1 guidance
Citigroup: Capital Return Bonanza
After a record 13-day losing streak, financials finally rallied. For a stock like Citigroup, the massive capital return plans provides substantial support for the weak stock and only enhances an already bullish investment thesis.
E Global Blockchain Tech: Promising Blockchain Infrastructure Play
Global Blockchain Tech raised a large amount of cash to invest in blockchain startups and cryptocurrencies, providing a method for small investors to participate in the sector.
E Citius Pharma: Fast Track To Success
The small biotech offers a promising pipeline in therapies with unmet medical needs while trading under the radar of the market.
E OpGen: Helping Solve A Rapidly Expanding Health Crisis
The small biotech is positioning for rapidly expanding antibiotic resistance infections while the stock trades under the radar of general investors.
E InfoSonics: Latin America Play With Big Connection
An upcoming merger positions InfoSonics for a catalyst in the rebounding Latin America market.
E 22nd Century: FDA Catalyst
FDA announced a plan that positions 22nd Century to benefit with its low nicotine products that already meet the stated goals of the government organization.
E Wirecard: No Deal Needed For This European Payments Processor
Wirecard continues to thrive based on preliminary Q2 results and a growing payments market.
E VBI Vaccines: Hidden Vaccine Gem
VBI Vaccines is starting Phase III trials for a vaccine approved in multiple countries while the stock trades near the recent lows providing a large catalyst for the stock.
E 22nd Century Offers A Unique Opportunity In The Market For Tobacco Harm Reduction Products
Despite growing revenue and positive clinical trials, 22nd Century Group has struggled to obtain the breakthrough approval to market their plant biotechnology that allows for the increase or decrease of the nicotine level in tobacco products.
E Dataram: Hidden Junior Miner Opportunity
The recent purchase of U.S. Gold and the hiring of geologist Dave Mathewson provides a hidden opportunity with the junior gold miner.
E Therapix Biosciences: Small IPO With Big League Potential
Therapix Bio offers investors an under the radar IPO in the hot cannabinoid market with a promising pipeline.
E Bingo Nation: Unique Casino Gaming Opportunity
Bingo Nation provides a direct Indian gaming play not available with traditional casino and gaming stocks. The stock has a minimal market cap, so high risks exist in this play.
E OncoSec Medical: Promising Cancer Treatment Overlooked By Market
OncoSec Medical offers an overlooked biotech with a promising proprietary immunotherapy platform with initial clinical trials showing a combination with anti-PD-1 therapies provides a treatment for melanoma cancer and other devastating cancers.
E IZEA Poised To Ride Native Advertising Shift Higher
IZEA provides a risky investment opportunity in the current shift towards sponsored social ads in the online advertising space.
Investment Report - August 2012: Net Payout Yields Model
This model was down 0.5% in July versus a 1.3% gain for the benchmark S&P 500. Oddly the model has fluctuated a lot in recent months with large cap stocks in the model moving up or down 10% on earnings reports.
1 to 16 of 16 Posts