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4 Small-Cap Technology Stocks That Belong In Your Portfolio
The demand for advanced technologies have increased exponentially over the past year. Amid the fast-paced macroeconomic revival, small-cap tech stocks tend to outperform the markets by huge margins. Thus, investors should consider these stocks.
Think Silver Will Rally Back To $30? These 2 Stocks Could Be Big Winners
The resumption of economic activities has increased the demand for silver in industrial markets while safe-haven investors are procuring it as a hedge against volatility. Silvercorp Metals and Great Panther could be good investment bets now.
2 U.S. Infrastructure ETFs To Buy On Biden's Massive Push
President Biden has recently proposed a $2 trillion package to reshape the U.S. Infrastructure. As a result, infrastructure ETFs like Global X US Infrastructure Development (PAVE) and iShares U.S. Infrastructure (IFRA) are expected to soar.
Why Dell Has More Room To Run
An improving economy typically leads to outperformance in hardware stocks. That is especially true this year as IT spending is forecasted to soar. This trend should help drive Dell Technologies (DELL) to new heights.
3 ETFs To Buy As The S&P 500 Breaks Out To New Highs
Looking ahead, the rally in the market will continue, with all the major indexes participating in the advance (unlike the last two months). Three ETFs that investors should consider buying are IWM, QQQ and XLV.
2 Mining Stocks To Buy As Rhodium Prices Surge
The price of rhodium, one of the six platinum group metals, surged to a record high of $29,800 per troy ounce on March 23 on the back of higher demand from the automotive sector, which is seeking to meet stricter emission norms implemented worldwide.
3 Top Retail Stocks To Buy In April
The retail industry is poised to make a robust recovery this month, following a sharp pullback in February owing to the harsh weather conditions in the U.S.’ Southern states.
TripAdvisor Vs. Travelzoo: Which Travel Stock Is A Better Buy?
While TRIP returned 209.3% over the past year, TZOO gained 326.5%. In terms of their past month’s performance, TZOO is the clear winner with 24% gains versus TRIP’s 8.4%. But which of these stocks is a better pick now?
4 Biotech Stocks To Buy For The Q2 2021
The global biotechnology market is expected to expand at a CAGR of 15.8% between 2021 – 2028.
2 Stocks To Buy To Capitalize On The Internet Of Things (IoT) Revolution
As the race for 5G gains pace, the IoT market should grow significantly in the near term. Consequently, we believe Skyworks Solutions (SWKS) and Garmin (GRMN​​​​​​​) could be solid bets to capitalize on this revolution.
3 Stocks To Buy For The Genomic Revolution
The top holdings in Cathie Wood's Ark Genomic Revolution ETF include Novartis , Regeneron Pharmaceuticals and Vertex Pharmaceuticals. The actively managed fund has gained more than 180% over the past year.
4 Blue Chip Stocks That Should Belong In Your Portfolio
For long-term investors, blue chip stocks are rarely out of favor. Walmart, Johnson & Johnson, 3M Company and Lockheed Martin Corporation are four stocks that we think could ensure stable returns for one’s portfolio.
This Surprise Electric Vehicle Stock Is Outperforming Tesla And NIO In 2021
The lesser-known Chinese electric mobility scooter manufacturer Niu Technologies (NIU​​​​​​​) has been surging lately despite a sharp pullback in the EV stocks owing to a semiconductor chip shortage and asset bubble concerns.
3 Top Stocks To Buy At A Discount
With tailwinds expected to cool off in the months ahead, investors need to focus on stocks that can still generate strong returns. That’s why I'm recommending Walmart, Novartis, and Merck & Company, three top stocks still trading at a discount.
3 Auto Manufacturing Stocks To Buy Instead Of Tesla
Electric Vehicle giant Tesla, Inc. has had a remarkable run in 2020; the stock gained 537.3% over the past year.
Bristol Myers Squibb Is A Good Dividend Stock: Should You Buy?
BMY pays $1.96 in dividends annually, yielding 3.10% at the current share price. It has a dividend payout ratio of 26.18%. The company’s four-year average dividend yield stands at 2.97%, 127.2% higher than the industry average  1.31%.
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