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I am Jordan Schneir , MBA, from StockMetrix. Stocketrix is a free personal investment tool that provides fast multi-factorial stock analysis in a very intuitive, visualize way. It analyses dozens of factors affecting a stock by using hundreds of indicators.

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Squaring The Circle On Square, Inc. Is Possible
Is Square, Inc. worth investing in? You don't need to be a mathematician to be able to calculate Square, Inc.'s (SQ) valuation. You do need to circle back on your assumptions about whether PayPal Holdings, Inc. provides a good point of comparison.
Delta Airlines Vs. American Airlines: Which Is A Better Buy?
Airlines experienced a resurgence in recent years as investors flocked to these once hated stocks. Looking at Delta Airlines vs. American Airlines across a handful of metrics, it becomes apparent that American Airlines is a value trap.
Bears Better Beware A Snapback In Bed Bath & Beyond
What is the main reason behind the decline of Bed Bath & Beyond? We think it’s the management.
Does Micron's Share Price Fairly Represent Capital Returns?
Micron Technology manages to increase revenues and return capital to shareholders, yet its shares are being overvalued.
How Much Is The Quantum Computing Market Worth?
While the future looks bright for Quantum Computing, the question persists: Will it be able to achieve the forecasted market growth in the near future?
What Do The Top Stocks Of 2018 Have In Common?
Technology is on top, trends show investments in IT, Health Care, and Consumer Discretionary, and financials and transports are lagging behind. Read more here.
Barnes & Noble Isn’t Gone, But Management Should Be
Barnes & Noble wasn’t performing very well financially over the last few years. Barnes & Noble needs management that does not view their business as just a bookstore.
Lululemon: Warning Signs & Stretched Valuation
Lululemon’s financial metrics have everyone believe the company is doing great. Our new article offers a different perspective.
Home Depot Remains A Better Value Than Lowe’s
Any analysis that digs past the cursory details of Lowe’s value metrics would show that the company performs exceptionally poorly compared to Home Depot, although by no means is Lowe’s a bad company.
AMD's Advance Sits On Weak Fundamentals, But With Room To Grow
AMD stock has been pretty vulnerable in the recent years. A quick look at the company's financials made things clear.
Netflix’s Race Against Time
Despite not having positive cash flow in over 4 years, Netflix may still be able to pull their act together.
1 to 11 of 11 Posts