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Corona & Gold Stagflation On Steroids
The Fed promises to print about $100billion a day this week, not for hospital beds, hazmat suits, medicine, or food deliveries for the sick and elderly… but to buy a candy jar full of assorted financial markets trinkets.
Gold & Corona Welcome To The War
The bottom line: Get prepared, and stay prepared.
EC America & Corona A Grim Situation
Oil is headed into a gulag and US oil companies will soon start going bankrupt. The majors will have to consider dividend cuts. Enormous cuts in revenues and profits are imminent.
Gold, Miners, & Dow Key Investor Tactics
As America’s debt clock spins out of control, Trump calls for more rate cuts, to enable even more debt. It’s a vicious cycle; a problem created by debt is “solved” by enabling even more debt.
A Gold Tie Versus A Gold Stock
The US stock market is in “sleigh ride” mode against gold stocks.
Coronavirus: Is More Debt The Solution?
The US government seems obsessed with providing debt-oriented welfare handouts to banks, the military, and stock market investors.
Corona & Debt A Twin Virus Horror
In America, the government’s debt to GDP ratio is now three times the level it was when Ronald Reagan got elected.
Gold Stocks Cash Flow Is The Theme
Are gold miners poised to begin a long period of outperformance against gold?
Gold Bullion Versus The Miners
The big picture for gold, both technically and fundamentally, is superb. The Coronavirus is a serious matter, but it’s simply the newest of many positive drivers for gold. Government debt is the big one.
Investing In Currency Gold Or Fiat
Chinese New Year buying and more deaths in war-torn Yemen have ignited yet another solid rally in gold.
Gold, Key Indexes, And Goldman
Since the $1167 low, the rally in gold has favored breakout enthusiasts as much as dip buyers. The pullbacks are mild, and sentiment turns negative with $50 to $100/ounce dips in the price.
Gold, Debt, & The Human Heart
As America loses a ridiculous trade war and manufacturing activity tumbles to 10-year lows, the nation’s horrific GDP growth rate for 2019 was ranked an abysmal… number 107 in the world.
Debt Sizzle Versus Steak
Silver miners are outperforming gold miners, and gold is outperforming T-bonds. These are the hallmarks of debt becoming a major problem in America.
EC Santa's Stockings Have Silver
Massive upside breakouts are taking place across the precious metals sector. Many mining stocks, especially silver-oriented, are skyrocketing.
Keltner Lines & A Healthy Miners Market
The amount of debt in both China and the United States is horrifying and it continues to grow.
US Election Winner Gold Stocks
No matter who wins the US election, gold is well-supported.
1 to 16 of 203 Posts
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