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Bullion & Miners: Winning Plays Now
When the main theme is surprising, the main assets to own are of course gold and silver.
A Stock Market Surge With Miners In Tow
The US market is still very overvalued but the Chinese market is “almost fairly valued”.
FOMC Day The Low For Gold
A major inflation cycle has well-defined stages. To prosper, investors need to allocate capital to the dominant theme of each stage.
Gold First A Swoon & Next The Moon
It’s been a frustrating couple of days for many gold bugs who are not properly positioned to handle the 2021-2025 war cycle. 
The Month Of June A Gold Price Swoon
To stay ahead of the mayhem, investors need to own gold and silver, but also energy stocks and a diversified commodity fund or ETF.
A Marching Gold Stocks Band
It appears that junior mining stocks are poised to decouple from the U.S. stock market, anchor to gold, blast up from an immense H&S bottom pattern.
War, Gold, & Rates Key Tactics Now
Owning metals and miners while also investing in a “long rates” parachute was the best way for investors to fly in the 1970s, and it’s likely going to be the best way to fly with comfort again.
Gold Stocks A Green Light To Buy
While the Fed and rate hikes make the headlines this week, it’s physical demand for gold that mostly determines the price trend.
Gold At $1835: It's Where The Miners Come Alive
Given that the US government has lost almost every war it has ever fought, should investors and regular citizens be concerned that the current de facto war against Russia will end at least as badly as all the others and what does this mean for gold?
Gold Is The Tactic Now Buy & Hold
The battle for $2000 gold continues and the horrific tension between the governments of the East and the West intensifies.
Will Gold's Price Surpass Bitcoin
For now, GDX is consolidating in a $35-$40 range trade. It’s up about 30% in just a few months from my “gamble buy” zone.
Gold, War, And Solid Investor Tactics
While the massively overvalued US stock market offers some short-term trading opportunities, serious investors risk being literally annihilated as the CAPE ratio reverts to more normal levels of 20, 15, with a possible overshoot to 10 or 5.
A Hawkish Fed & Gold
Most stock market investors have devolved into QE and zero interest rate welfare bums demanding endless fiat handouts from the Fed and the government.
Gold Bugs Now A Joyous Mood
While commodities (including oil) take a breather, the pressure on rates is intensifying. Investors who are long gold (and related items) and short bonds are poised to outperform everyone else.
Gold Chasing Price Feels Very Nice
When price rallies to the neckline of the largest bull continuation pattern in the history of the gold market it’s a time to chase price.
U.S. Quagmires And Gold The Big Show Is Now
GDX​​​​​​​ has broken out of a drifting wedge pattern on the daily chart, as gold bullion makes a charge to the neckline of the quaich pattern on the weekly chart.
1 to 16 of 314 Posts
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