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GDX New Highs By Year End
Because gold is so incredibly well-supported here in the $2000/ounce price area, many miners can become growth stocks that keep rising in price for years even if gold itself rises only modestly.
Gold Price Reaction Key Investor Tactics
Gold has arrived at significant resistance in the $1900-$2000 zone. Investors need a solid plan of action to deal with the intense volatility that is currently enveloping the market.
Gold Stocks A Staircase To Heaven
Gold looks superb, silver looks better, and the miners look best of all.
Gold Is Sound Investors Hold Their Ground
The big question about America is how much more money the Fed can print while the government runs a program of borrowing money to infinity… before hyperinflation turns the fading empire into a fire pit.
China Comes Alive & Junior Miners Surge
The FXI, aka the “Chinese Dow”, is soaring after the Chinese government issued a call for the nation’s citizens to invest in the stock market.
Gold, Stock Markets, & War
Gold has broken out of a flag pattern, but a right shoulder could still form. That could happen now, or from higher prices.
Gold Stocks A Straight Run To Fresh Highs
With a new tailwind of significant ETF tonnage growth, gold bullion continues to sport the best charts of all the major asset classes.
Gold Price Reaction Bulls Should Prevail
Gold investors are eager to see the current price reaction end and a fresh uptrend begins. Oscillator buy signals, rising volume, and bullish price patterns are beginning to appear in some gold stocks, and that’s a good sign.
America Out Of Control Good For Gold
Gold often has a “bad hair day” on Tuesdays, but today (so far) the price action is decent.
Gold Stocks Verus Gold, It's Rocket Time
Momentum-oriented rallies and major breakouts tend to occur with oscillators at or near overbought levels. That’s what’s happening right now.
EC Gold Stock Profits: A Horn Of Plenty
Gold drifts sideways in typical weak season trading, silver looks better, and the miners look awesome.
Gold Bullion RSI A Massive Buy Signal
Gold is consolidating after reaching substantial resistance in the $1800 area.
The Old Normal, Got Gold?
It’s the soft demand season for gold (April-Sept), and that means upside and downside breakouts can become “wet noodle” affairs.
Swiss Peas In A Golden Pod
The stock market has oozed sideways after breaking down from a bear wedge pattern.
Corona Vs 2008 The Difference Is Inflation
Tuesdays are often a weak day for gold. Where there is weakness there is an opportunity, but is that opportunity here today?
Gold Shoulder Build & Stock Market Collapse
In the short-term, gold has broken down from a bear wedge pattern, and that fits with the start of the right shoulder “assembly” on the weekly chart.
1 to 16 of 222 Posts
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