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Inflation And War Are Investors Prepared
If a serious inflation cycle is beginning, a lot is going to change for the fiat-oriented citizens of the United States, and not in a good way.
Gold Triumphs As Fiat Dies
The failure of fiat is obvious. Over the next decade, the failure is destined to become exponentially more obvious.
Gold, Stock Market, & Crypto Key Tactics
History shows that once a nation embraces unlimited supply paper money and abandons gold, it embarks on what is best termed a “financial sleigh ride to Hades”.
A Pitchfork Made With Gold
In the gold market, fear trade nirvana involves a tidal wave of institutional and retail capital coming out of the US stock market… and pouring into gold.
Can Gold Rally As The Nasdaq Falls
Gold is of course the world’s ultimate money. The more ounces a person has, the more money they have. It’s really that simple.
The Gold Money Train All Aboard
Amateur gold investors often struggle to do well with the miners, and it’s mainly because they ignore the physical market action in China and India.
Gold Price Support A Call To Arms
Gold is the ultimate currency. Buying silver and key miners at the best support zones for gold is the simple way for enthusiastic gold bugs to turn themselves into profitable family offices.
Gold Pulls Back After A Strong Rally
Gold is not a stock, bond, or business deal… let alone a casino chip in a paper money casino. 
Does Gold Need A Fiat Mask
Using fiat as a base currency has merit, but gold has more. That’s because over time fiat just oozes lower and lower against gold.
A Golden Easter Egg
Fiat money is a Ponzi scheme. It doesn’t matter which country’s flag is draped on the scheme.
Gridline Tactics A Kiss For Gold
For gold, what matters right now is real yields (nominal yields minus the rate of inflation).
EC An Inflationary Fire; The Key Catalysts
US stocks, bonds, and real estate are in the late stages of a financial market inflation cycle.  A new cycle is beginning, and it is the inflation of Main Street America.  
A Tech Wreck And Gold Green Shoots
GDX is bursting upside from a small triangle pattern and edging over a downtrend line. There’s also a bullish non-confirmation created over the past few days.
Real Rates, Gold, & The Miners
For gold, the big picture means investors need patience, but everyone should be ready to buy bullion at $1671, for some potentially awesome upside rally time fun.
EC Gold, Crypto, And Stock Market Key Tactics Now
Silver will likely be the leader of the next precious metals market rally.
President Biden Captain Of The Poseidon
Silver is likely to soon blast through the summer highs while gold struggles to do so. As the cycles intensify, gold will likely get tokenized, and re-emerge as the world’s price appreciation leader. 
1 to 16 of 264 Posts
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