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Chief Product Officer at TipRanks
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I have a top down investment approach with a focus on value and upward earnings estimate revisions. And there is nothing I enjoy more than sharing insights with fellow investors.

Prior to Tipranks, I was the Managing Director at Zacks Investment Research.


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3 Key Insights From Q3 Earnings Season
Three key earnings insights, and why we selected Whiting Petroleum (WLL) as our stock of the week.
Did The Market Just Find Bottom?
We have been contemplating the nature and shape of this market downturn since the beginning of October. And so far it has played out pretty well along the lines I discussed. That being that we are still in the midst of a long term bull market,
Stock Market Outlook For The Rest Of 2018
The trend remains bullish. That’s because most every key facet points to more upside including economic conditions, earnings growth, and even valuation, which is surprisingly below peak levels even nine years into this bull run.
Pullback, Correction Or Bear Market?
We all know that stocks don’t go up every day. And that even during the healthiest bull markets there will be down days…weeks…and even months. So, lets discuss the events of this past week so we can chart our course forward.
3 Reasons To Keep Riding The Bull + Stock Of The Week
The end of the week provided one of the rougher drops for the market in quite some time. Ignore the scare mongers; plain and simple, this is not the time to panic. Here are the 3 key reasons to keep riding the bull market to new heights.
How High Will Stocks Go?
Stocks have rallied over 200% from the depths set in March 2009. That includes a healthy 13.7% gain for the S&P last year. Unfortunately this year things seem to be stalling out. That begs the question: How high will stocks go?
2015 Stock Market Outlook
The easy money has been made and we should not expect such robust returns in 2015.
"Buy Low, Sell High" Is A Lie
I am actually a diehard value investor. And yes, for a long time I bought in to the allure of buying low and selling high as the road to investment success. However, after the early years of futility, I found a better, more profitable path.
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