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I am an Instructor of Finance at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. I am committed to educating others about risk management and sound money and wealth management principles.


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Friends With (Social Security) Benefits
Social Security is arguably one of the most important cash flows for individuals in retirement.
Don’t Leave Money On The Table!
If you’re employer offers a match on your contributions, take full advantage of it. Don’t leave money on the table! This is literally free money
Saving For College
Whether or not your goal is to fully fund your child’s college education or to help as best you can, there are some options to consider saving as much as you can to reach or education savings goal.
To Gift Or Inherit? Deciding When To Bequeath Assets
The tax implications of non-qualified assets (those not in 401(k)s or IRAs) received by beneficiaries if gifted during lifetime or inherited after death.
Defined Benefit Pensions
If you have access to a defined benefit pension or are currently participating in one, you are in rare company as these types of plans are becoming few and far between. Here's what so appealing...
Roth Or Pre-Tax 401(k)?
As an employee of a company, you may have access to a 401(k). A 401(k) is an employer-sponsored (offered) retirement plan that allows you to save money for retirement.
Mutual Funds And ETFs – A Great Choice For Your Portfolio
Investing in mutual funds and ETFs (exchange traded funds) can be beneficial. Some of the advantages of investing in mutual funds or ETFs include instant diversification, economies of scale, professional management, and (generally) lower expenses.
Focus On The Future
My advice to readers, particularly young readers, but even those with a long-time horizon for retirement is focus on the future, stick to your savings plan, and let your investments and compound interest work for you.
Can You Beat The Market?
In investing and finance, the words “beat the market” appear from time to time either as part of an investment strategy, conversation, or a combination of both.
Volatility Is A Two-Way Street
We tend to give volatility a bad rap – and rightfully so. Generally, the word is thrown at us during periods of when the market, and our investments, lose value. Volatility, however, works both ways.
How To Build Wealth
How you choose to spend or invest your money can have an impact on your net worth.
Tough Love On Saving For Retirement (For Millennials)
Treat your retirement savings as the first bill you pay each month. Live off the rest.
Remember Your RMD
It’s getting close to the end of the year and that means many individuals need to take their required minimum distributions (RMDs).
How To Navigate The Equifax Hack
Wwhat you can do to move forward with the (hopefully) least financial impact to you and your credit.
5 Questions To Ask Your Financial Advisor
If you’re contemplating hiring a financial planner or advisor or if you’re currently working with one, here are some fair and important questions you may consider asking.
Often, the first piece of information we receive is what we will use for future reference when making decisions – and whether we feel those decisions are good or bad. This is referred to anchoring or anchoring bias.
1 to 16 of 18 Posts
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