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Professional Fund Manager – Chief analyst at RiskHedge
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Born in Dublin, Ireland, Stephen is a professional fund manager and the chief analyst at RiskHedge. While working at a billion-dollar financial institution in New Zealand, Stephen realized the corporate life wasn't for him and began his journey around the world He's lived on four ... more

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How To Get Rich Selling Burritos
How in the world did a Mexican fast-food chain blow away Amazon and Apple in 2019? Chipotle investors doubled their money last year and a new trend will ensure the company keeps flying higher in 2020.
I’m Loading Up On This Stock For 2020
Disney seems to have cracked the secret formula for producing tremendous hits. It churned out a record-breaking six billion-dollar movies in 2019.
Please Don’t Buy The Dip In Nvidia Or Other Chip Stocks
As you may know, computer chips serve as the “brains” of electronics like your phone and laptop. These days, chips are no longer just in computers and phones. They’re part of everyday life.
The Big Lie That Keeps Many Investors Poor
Big, safe stocks can hand you big profits, if they’re on the right side of disruption.
Insight To Help You Find The Next Amazon, Google, Or Netflix
Owning the most popular, most talked about, and the largest companies in the world is a money-losing strategy. You’re best off avoiding most of today’s most popular stocks.
Investing In Uber Is The Worst Thing You Can Do With Your Money In 2019
Collecting profits of 20X or better is possible if you identify disruptive stocks early on. Uber is certainly disruptive, but as I’ll show you, it’s a horrible investment.
Disney Will Hit $170 Next Year
Last month Disney's stock jumped 12% in a single day. Big, safe stocks like Disney don’t often move 5% in a day, let alone 12%. What's behind this massive increase?
Why I’m Buying A Piece Of This $145 Million Machine
This company I'm investing in makes computers faster with it's new system. And the biggest computer chip makers like Intel and Samsung have already ordered 30 of these $145-million machines.
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