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Startup Watch is a platform TalkMarkets provides for startup company executives to discuss their ideas in depth. TalkMarkets provides a suggested list of questions but the format and information provided is left to the companies themselves to determine.


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Arqlite: The ESG Startup That Is Revolutionizing Construction Through Recycling
Recently, we had the opportunity of interviewing Sebastian Sajoux, the founder and CEO of Arqlite. Taking construction to a new level by producing artificial gravel from recycled products.
Paway - A Social Network Just For Dogs
Dubbed as "the Waze for dog walking," Paway is a social network just for dogs. Paway is adding discovery and engagement to all dog walks and turning them into safe and fun experiences.
InsiderFinance - The Complete Trading Toolkit
InsiderFinance is the perfect solution for the modern retail trader who wants actionable data in an intuitive format to trade confidently and quickly.
Venusverse - The First Canadian Female-Focused NFT Collection, Incubator And Education Program
Venusverse is an online platform focusing on educating women about NFTs, cryptocurrencies, Web3, building digital brands, and increasing digital financial literacy.
Irrigreen - The Startup That Wants To Shrink Your Water Bill And Environmental Impact
We interviewed Shane Dyer, founder of Irrigreen - an early stage company that aims to change the landscape of landscape irrigation.
KarbonPay, The Startup That Is Revolutionizing The Payroll Process
We had the opportunity to interview Brad Price. Founder of KarbonPay. The company that is making the payroll process easy and available anytime, anywhere.
Vampr, The Startup That Is Making Music Happen
We had the opportunity to interview Josh Simons, Co-Founder of Vampr. The world's largest professional networks for creatives.
Neighborhood Sun - The Startup That's Making Clean Energy Accessible To All
We had the opportunity to interview Gary Skulnik, CEO and Founder of Neighborhood Sun. Neighborhood Sun is bringing solar energy to the masses via communal solar forms.
Tapa - The Startup That Offers A Smart, Healthy And Safe Option To Manage Buildings
We had the opportunity to interview Ben Steinberg, CEO of Tapa, a startup which offers the next generation of building management systems.
Borrow, The First And Only All-BEV Car Subscription Company In The World
We had the opportunity to interview Rodrigo de Guzman, the founder and CEO of Borrow, the first and only all-BEV (Battery Electric Vehicle) car subscription company in the world.
Upshift, The Car Service Startup Driving The Future
We had the opportunity to interview Ezra Goldman, Co-Founder and CEO of Upshift, a fractional car subscription service that is redefining car leasing for urban living.
Glyph, The Minimalist Shoe Startup
We had the opportunity to speak with Pranav Sachdev, CEO of Glyph. The minimalist startup that created "the only pair of shoes anyone needs."
Insense: The Data-Driven Marketplace For Marketers & Influential Creators
We had the opportunity to interview Danil Saliukov, CEO of Insense. The creative platform for custom content creation and paid amplification with professional and influential creators.
Hearo.Live, The Startup That Is Turning Solitary Media Watching Into A Live, Social Experience
We had the opportunity to interview Edward Lerner, CEO of Hearo.Live. The company that lets you talk with friends and fans side by side as you watch videos.
Interview With Janover Ventures: Improving The Commercial Real Estate Borrowing Experience One Loan At A Time
We had the chance to interview Blake Janover, CEO of Janover Ventures.The commercial real estate technology firm developing tools to create a self-service model for multifamily and commercial property borrowers.
NanoVMs: The Startup That Helps Run Your Applications Faster, Safer And With Less Cost Using The New Generation Of Cloud Infrastructure
We had the opportunity to interview Ian Eyberg, Founder and CEO of NanoVMs. The industry's only unikernel platform available today. NanoVMs runs your applications as secure, isolated virtual machines faster than bare-metal hardware without an OS.
1 to 16 of 41 Posts