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Startup Watch is a platform TM provides for startup company executives to discuss their companies in depth. TalkMarkets provides a suggested list of questions but the format and information provided is left to the companies themselves to determine.


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E Vivoo, The Startup That Takes Your Urine And Gives You Personalized Health Advice
We had the opportunity to interview Miray Tayfun, Co-Founder and CEO of Vivoo. The first at-home wellness tracker that uses urine to provide personalized insights and recommendations unique to the user's body.
E Interview With Hellowoofy, The Marketing Startup Driven By AI And Data Science
We had the opportunity to interview Arjun Rai, founder and CEO of HelloWoofy. A marketing platform driven by AI and data science that levels the playing field for small business owners.
E Interview With RoundRack - The Circular Fashion Concierge
We had the opportunity to interview Arie Katz, Co-Founder of RoundRack. The company that aims to further the circular fashion ecosystem by closing the resale loop.
E Ember Fund - The Startup For Investing In A Managed Cryptocurrency Portfolio
We had the opportunity to interview Alex Wang, Co-Founder and CEO of Ember Fund. The First app that allows anyone to invest in a managed cryptocurrency portfolio.
E Interview With Sunu - The Startup That's Enabling The Visually Impaired
We had the opportunity to interview Fernando Albertorio (CTO) and Marco Trujillo (CEO) of Sunu. The technology company which engineers new horizons for the visually impaired.
E Interview With Ternio - The Platform To Move Money Instantly
We had the opportunity to interview Daniel Gouldman co-founder/CEO of Ternio. The Fintech company which gave blockchain and cryptocurrency real world application.
E Provenance Meals - The Startup That Delivers Healthy Meals Right To Your Door
We had the opportunity to interview Caroll Lee, Founder and CEO of Provenance Meals, prepared meals to nourish mind and body.
E Interview With 70 Million Jobs - The First For-Profit Employment Platform For Formerly Incarcerated
We had the opportunity to interview Richard Bronson, Founder and CEO of 70 Million Jobs. The company that is changing lives and finding jobs for the formerly incarcerated.
E Interview With HelloAva, The AI Driven Skincare Startup
We had the opportunity to interview Kailu Guan, Co-Founder and CCO of HelloAva, the AI smart platform that provides custom skincare products.
E Hotelsbyday - The Option To Book Short Term Hotel Stays For Less
We had the opportunity to interview Yannis Moati, CEO and founder of HotelsByDay, the premier provider of day-stay hotel spaces in the US.
E Soar Robotics' Cloud-Connected Robotic Intelligence Platform For Drones
Interview with Kerem Ozkan, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Soar Robotics, a cloud-connected robotic intelligence platform for drones.
E Mealthy's Pressure Cookers Are Heating Up
An interview with Bernardo de la Vega, CEO and founder of Mealthy, a startup that aims to revolutionize kitchen appliances.
E Taking Flight With Up Sonder
We had the opportunity to interview Derek Waleko, CEO and founder of Up Sonder, the startup paving the way for affordable drone services.
E Komodo OpenLab: The Startup Giving Independence To The Disabled
An exclusive interview with Mauricio Meza, the CEO of Komodo OpenLab, the creator of Tecla, an assistive device for people with disabilities.
E Peeva: The Startup Putting An End To Lost Pets
An exclusive interview with Michael Hamilton, CEO and founder of Peeva, the startup behind the first and only universal pet microchip scanner.
E TaxDrop: Interview With Founder & CEO Alice Cheng
We had the opportunity to interview Alice Cheng, the co-founder and CEO of TaxDrop. TaxDrop was founded in 2016 as a mobile app that connects users with a licensed CPA for tax preparation.
1 to 16 of 25 Posts
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