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E Fear Not, Market Will Rebound
There are number of unknown fears and concerns that seems to spook investors lately. In my opinion, many of these fears are caused by the faulty reasoning and improper processing of the market data.
E Calculated Risk And Measured Return With EMC
In early October computer maker Dell announced it will buy data storage company EMC for $67 billion. Under the deal Dell is going to pay $24.05 cash per EMC share and 0.111 share of VMWare tracking share.
E Upside With United Insurance
With stock price at around $16, UIHC is trading at just 1.6 times the book value. Relative to its insurance peers United Insurance appears cheap by book value.
E Health Insurance Merger Mania: Who's Next ?
Healthcare reform has significant impact in the entire health care sector. Here's the company I think will be the next acquisition, and what I think it will go for.
E Intrinsic Value Of Yahoo
Being a 22% share holder of Alibaba, Yahoo is supposed to get all of the benefits of Alibaba ownership. Why is the market trading Yahoo downwards? How much is Yahoo truly worth after the Alibaba IPO?
1 to 5 of 5 Posts