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Sramana Mitra has been an entrepreneur and a strategy consultant in Silicon Valley since 1994. Her fields of experience span from hard core technology disciplines like semiconductors to sophisticated consumer marketing industries including fashion and education. As an entrepreneur CEO, Sramana ...more


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Palo Alto Networks Steps Up AI Security
Palo Alto Networks recently announced its quarterly results that continued to outpace market expectations. The company has put a pause on its acquisition spree for now and is instead focused on building its AI-focused product portfolio.
Cloud Stocks: Shopify Embeds AI Into Shop
Embedded into its Shop app, the AI-driven solution will help create a fast and more personalized shopping experience for consumers by providing more relevant product recommendations across Shop’s millions of products.
Cloud Stocks: Nutanix Reimagines Data Centric Platform Services
Nutanix is starting the project with a focus on database services. It aims to extend the customer benefits of the Nutanix Database Service solution as a managed service in the public cloud.
Cloud Stocks: Twilio Attempts Personalization
Twilio continues with its product upgrades during the quarter and announced the introduction of Segment Unify.
Apple Looks To India For Sales And Production
Apple remains mindful of user security and recently tied up with Google to address safety concerns surrounding location-tracking devices.
Cloud Stocks: Analysis Of Amazon’s One Medical Acquisition
Amazon had announced plans to acquire One Medical last year, but the deal was undergoing FTC investigation.
Cloud Stocks: Google Accelerates AI Push To Address Microsoft’s Growing Prowess
As the company deals with a weak online ad market, it has been accelerating its cost management focus to ensure it turns into a leaner organization.
Cloud Stocks: Meta Plays With Generative AI Capabilities
Within AI, Meta recently open-sourced many of its models to allow people to experiment and build with the technology.
Cloud Stocks: ServiceNow Leverages AI Capabilities
Like others in the tech space, ServiceNow is also leveraging Generative AI technology. Recently, it announced the Utah release, its latest upgrade.
Cloud Stocks: Microsoft’s Lead In Azure Powered By OpenAI
Microsoft continues its investment within the AI space.
Cloud Stocks: IBM’s Presses Into Quantum Computing
IBM continues to grow through partnerships. It is now making bigger inroads into the world of quantum computing.
Netflix Sees Initial Results From Monetization Initiatives
Earlier this week, Netflix announced its fourth quarter performance that failed to impress the market. The company continues to experiment with several initiatives to drive monetization while investing in content to keep its viewers engaged.
Cloud Stocks: BlackLine Improves Cash Management Offerings Amid Recession Fears
BlackLine released products that are aimed at allaying the cash-related concerns of its customers given the current economic conditions.
Cloud Stocks: Qualys Focuses On SMB Segment For Growth
For the fourth quarter of the year, Qualys’s revenues grew 19% over the year to $130.8 million, surpassing the market’s estimates of $130.1. Net income of $28.3 million was higher than the $21.8 million reported a year ago.
Cloud Stocks: MongoDB Expands Its Cloud IaaS Capabilities
MongoDB, a leading player in the market, is looking to address this growing market by expanding its tie-ups with various cloud players.
Cloud Stocks: Oracle’s New Release Focuses On Developers
The solution will allow developers to pull out documents, make changes and return them, and the database automatically detects changes and modifies underlying rows. 
1 to 16 of 1641 Posts
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