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Taking the steady and disciplined path to wealth
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As an investor in the stock market, my goal is pretty simple. Simple, but not easy. I desire cash flow, seek financial independence, and hope to achieve inter-generational wealth. 

I aim to build a timeless, enduring portfolio, and there's no ... more

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December Portfolio Analysis - Bullish March Higher
November and December were very bullish; it's tough to say when we may see a correction, but the market is getting overvalued.
September 2019 Portfolio - More Uncertainty In The Market, But Portfolio Doing Fine
The market is at an inflection point right now; a tight sideways corridor for September between 2940 and 3020 is likely to be broken in October.
August 2019 Portfolio Analytics - Where Is The Market Going?
My expectations for the broad market have been pretty spot on for the last couple months. September is looking better for the bullish crew however, and I believe 3000 is back on the table for the month.
August 2019 Dividends
It's exciting when I see dividends come in and I get to tally the numbers up.
July 2019 Portfolio Analytics
Primarily financials and semi-conductor stocks look to be gearing up, which is a good sign for continuing the bull market.
May 2019 Portfolio Analytics
The May pullback has put me almost $100 in the red in capital (paper) losses; but it's nice to see the dividends buffer that a little bit and still continue to grow.
3 Growth Stocks In A Dividend Portfolio
Even in a dividend portfolio, you can have businesses with solid growth potential. Here are 3 companies that I'm holding that could 2X their dividend in five years with their share price following suit.
1 to 7 of 7 Posts