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I use behavioural finance theories and basic valuation methods to discover asymmetrical investment opportunities. I focus primarily on the US and Canadian markets, preferably the under-the-radar small- and microcap segment.

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E 5 Reasons Ikanos Communications Is An Excellent Short
Ikanos Communications is a small but overvalued telco stock listed on the NASDAQ. I believe it's an excellent short, as I think the share price is going to 0 given how bad things are going.
E Is OxiGene The Cheapest Biotech On The Nasdaq?
OxiGene, a small and virtually unknown biotech stock on the Nasdaq, boasts an impressive pipeline, yet the stock now trades at exactly cash level after a major sell-off. With multiple near-term catalysts in sight, I think shares could rebound hard.
E Why The Case Of Worlds Inc Is The Most Exciting Binary Bet Out There
Worlds is the most exciting binary bet out there. Investors are overlooking the odds they will win the trial against Activision, and if they do, shares will absolutely go parabolic. This is a high risk stock, but definitely worth a small investment.
E EC USell: Renewed Growth Model Provides A Probable 100% Return Opportunity
uSell is a growing online re-commerce marketplace that sports superior features over websites like Ebay and Gazelle. uSell’s Q3 filing revealed a major expansion is near.
1 to 4 of 4 Posts