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David Sims is a Certified Public Accountant residing in Richmond, Virginia.


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Allocating Personal Capital With Markets Near Highest Ever Valuation
With the S&P 500 earnings yield at 3.92% and valuations near the highest ever, investors might be better served raising cash or paying off debt.
Slowing Growth At Green Dot Creates Value
Green Dot has relationships with several large retailers. The company's niche is underserved banking customers. Common shares went for a wild ride over two years.
Three Dividend And Income CEFs Paying Over 7%
The volatility of the closed end funds is most likely due to their leverage and inefficiencies of the market. These funds can trade at a discount to net asset value.
RNP Could Get A Boost From Falling Bond Yields
It appears that RNP could provide a good long-term option to build income and capital appreciation for some investors. This may be an opportunity to look at with the current high dividend yield of 6.76% and falling overall global bond yields.
WeWork, Office Space Worth More Than $47 Billion?
WeWork allows start-ups and companies to rent office space.
Nike's Latest PR Stunt Goes Viral
This week, as Americans prepare to celebrate their independence, Nike makes a controversial move to pull a sneaker bearing a resemblance to the Betsy Ross flag.
Why We Should Listen To Dr. Doom On Crypto
Dr. Doom, Nouriel Roubini, is warning us against investing in cryptocurrencies. Is anyone listening?
Fannie And Freddie: The Next Crisis Is Coming
Reduction of the companies' Deferred Tax Assets could increase their net losses, requiring capital infusions from Treasury.
Hidden Value In These Stocks When Rates Move Up
While it may be difficult to calculate the full value of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac's guarantee fees, a quick comparison to mortgage servicing rights gets us a lot closer to an accurate accounting.
Repeal Of Dodd-Frank Could Have Big Consequences
The recent controversial election results have created a lot of optimism in the financial sector, but also concern from citizens about the repeal of Dodd-Frank. New research supports the repeal of burdensome financial regulations.
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