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Bitcoin Breaks New Records
Bitcoin has reached yet another peak, this week breaking through the $50,000 mark to trade at an all-time high above $58,000.
Bitcoin Sets New Record Above $49,000 After Tesla And Co Enter Market
Bitcoin rose more than 25% during the week, to finish at yesterday’s peak. The price boost came after a series of major announcements from companies. Tesla said it had invested $1.5billion in bitcoin and planned to accept it as payment for its cars.
Bitcoin Back In The Spotlight As Fund Managers Eye Further Investments
Bitcoin has got its upward momentum back in the last seven days, the cryptoasset rallying back to the $39,000 mark this morning amid further signs of interest from institutional investors.
Will Bitcoin Dip Below $30,000 Again Or Is It Onwards And Upwards?
After a brief dip, it is now evident that $30,000 is going to play an important level of support.
Bitcoin Bearish Movement Not A Bursting Bubble
Last week, bitcoin struggled and spent much of the week on a slow but steady decline, but has recovered somewhat over the weekend, currently sitting at $33,400. Ethereum bucked bitcoin’s trend and hit a new all-time high of $1,456 this morning.
EC Bitcoin Catches Breath Following 7 Day Boom And Bust
Despite solid news on vaccination rates in the UK, the FTSE 100 struggled throughout last week as the potential for negative rates weighed on investors’ minds, although ‘super Thursday’ helped boost the index.
Bitcoin’s New Year’s Resolution: Steal The Headlines
Bitcoin has continued to blast through all-time highs before a dip in price yesterday, whilst Ethereum has been chasing its own high.
Bitcoin Blasts Through Barriers Aplenty
Bitcoin flew to an all-time high of $23,586. Some altcoins also experienced positive movement, with Ethereum hitting a 7-day high of $673 and Litecoin remaining solidly above the $100 level. 
Bitcoin Dips But Quickly Rebounds To $19,000
The S&P 500 hit a record high last Wednesday, boosted by the progress of talks on US stimulus. Ensuing uncertainty saw the market dip, despite positive newsflow surrounding COVID vaccinations.
Bitcoin Finally Breaks The All-time High As $20,000 Beckons
Bitcoin has hit a new all-time high on a number of exchanges. Ethereum also performed well following the successful start to it’s migration to Ethereum 2.0. Other altcoins followed suit, with XRP, Cardano and Litecoin also strong risers.
Bitcoin Attractive In Both Short And Long Term
Traditional markets jumped last Monday following a fresh wave of positive newsflow around coronavirus vaccine developments, with both the FTSE 100 and Dow Jones Industrial Average jumping 1.6% on the announcement.
Bitcoin Braced For A Bullish Breakout?
It was an eventful week for investors of all kinds. Momentum was injected into markets by Joe Biden’s apparent election win and the news of the Pfizer and BioNTech vaccine trial showing a 90% efficacy.
Bitcoin Blisters Amid Reiterations Of Bullishness
Last week, we waxed lyrical about the positive price action, and bitcoin’s determined thrust upwards has continued. Hitting a high of $15,869 on Friday, investors have clearly been positive on the cryptoasset.
Bitcoin Rises As Analysts Run Out Of Superlatives
Last week further coronavirus lockdowns rattled investors. Contrastingly, bitcoin made a dramatic surge towards $14,000 before dipping back to $13,000. Towards the end of the week, we saw another push upwards, briefly breaching the $14,000 level.
Widespread Selloff As COVID-19 Continues To Rage
Stock markets around the world were in the red on Wednesday, with the Dow Jones 3.4% fall, constituting its worst day since June. Elsewhere, the FTSE 100 was down 2.6%, the German Dax fell 4.2% and the S&P 500 closed the day 3.5% lower.
Microsoft Beats Expectations, AMD Agrees $35bn Deal For Rival
Microsoft’s earnings report led headlines on Tuesday, as an expectation beating calendar Q3 (the firm’s fiscal Q1) played off against weaker than anticipated guidance for the current quarter (its fiscal Q2).
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