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Crypto Markets Surge Higher Ahead Of The Merge
Major cryptoassets such as Bitcoin and Ether surged last week, as markets continued to digest positive news and developments in economic conditions, reaffirming the recent performance links with equities.
Cryptoassets Hold Firm At New Resistance Levels, But Volatility Remains
Both bitcoin and ether maintained their new higher levels last week as the cryptoasset market continued to show positive signs, despite some obvious volatility still in play for price levels. 
Crypto March Up Gathers Pace
Crypto markets posted another strong week of growth last week, as major cryptoassets such as bitcoin and ether continued a march up. While still a way to go to recover losses of H1, cryptoassets such as bitcoin are witnessing a mini revival.
Time For Crypto To Recapture Lost Ground?
Major cryptoassets such as bitcoin and ether began to recover some lost ground last week. Although still well below all-time highs, the cryptoassets appear to be moving into something of a recovery phase.
Bitcoin And Ether Bounce To Highest Level In Over A Month
Ethereum has spiked above $1,400, its highest level in over a month, having traded down close to $1,000 at points last week. Bitcoin meanwhile also jumped to its highest level in a month, trading around $22,000.
Bitcoin Holds Above $20,000 As The Merge Looms For Ethereum
Bitcoin continues to hold above $20,000 having popped above $22,000 briefly last week - the first time since mid-June - as it continued to show signs of resilience. 
Bitcoin Struggles Continue
Bitcoin’s struggles continued last week, with weakness in price continuing through the week.
Bitcoin Holds Above $20K
Bitcoin, the world’s largest cryptoasset, has seen its price hold above the $20,000 price level in the past week, halting the slides of previous weeks. It’s too early to say if bitcoin has stabilized at the $20K level.
Bitcoin And Ether Slide Below Key Support Levels
Bitcoin plummeted last week, falling below $20,000 by the weekend, while Ethereum saw its price dip below $1,000 on Saturday. Bitcoin is trading just under $20,000 this morning on the eToro platform while ether is moving just above $1,000.
Bitcoin Slumps To Lowest Level Since End Of 2020
Bitcoin has slumped to its lowest level since the end of 2020. While cryptoassets have in the past not moved in step with traditional assets such as equities, in recent times the link between the two has grown ever closer.
Crypto Prices Hold Firm, Is The 'Crypto Winter' Passing?
Bitcoin has now held steady around the $30,000 level for several weeks, raising the hope that the worst of the ‘crypto winter’ has now passed for price falls.
'The Merge' Is On
The upgrade for the Ethereum blockchain, dubbed “the merge” has been slated for August by founder Vitalik Buterin. The potential implications for the entire ecosphere of crypto cannot be underestimated.
Cryptoassets Witness Another Up-and-Down Week
Bitcoin yo-yoed between $28k and $31k throughout last week, but is now back to the $30,150 mark where it ended the week prior. Ether has stayed relatively flat, trading currently around $2k, about $100 down on what it was this time last week.
Decline Of Cryptoasset Prices Come To A Stop?
The high-speed decline of cryptoassets over the past two weeks appears to have come to a stop for now. 
Compounding Struggles For Cryptoasset Market
The cryptoasset market faced a major sell off last week, compounding struggles for the market since the beginning of the year.
A Make Or Break Scenario For Cryptoassets This Week?
Both bitcoin and ether battled investor fear last week, both finishing well down week on week.
1 to 16 of 96 Posts
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