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Following 23 years with JPMorgan, in 2009 Simon Lack founded SL Advisors, LLC, an SEC Registered Investment Adviser. SL Advisors manages investments in energy infrastructure, including the Catalyst MLP & Infrastructure Fund (MLXIX), the American Energy Independence Fund (USAI), and ... more


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Why You Should Worry About Inflation
Simon Lack of SL Advisors explains why inflation is likely to remain higher than in the past.
2021 Pipeline Outlook
In this video Simon Lack takes a look at directions in the pipeline infrastructure industry for 2021.
Asia Should Use More Natural Gas
A year-long decline in global natural gas prices may soon start to have a structural impact on coal consumption in Asia.
Pipelines Show Improving Risk Return
Pipeline sector free cash flow to soar, while volatility declines.
Valuing Pipelines Like Real Estate
As the midstream energy infrastructure sector transitions from MLPs to corporations, I believe the method of valuation needs to change with it.
Pipeline Investors Fight Climate Change
Energy infrastructure is behind the world's biggest CO2 reductions.
Could Oil "Super-Spike" Above $150?
Falling investment in new sources of oil supply are creating the conditions for much higher prices in the years ahead.
The Tax Drag On MLP Funds
It's a tragedy to be invested in the right sector but the wrong product.
America's Energy Renaissance: The Shale Revolution
An explanation of how the Shale Revolution is the most fantastic American success story.
1 to 9 of 9 Posts