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I focus on value investing and reflexivity in the financial markets.


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ADMA Biologic's: Almost Ready To Run Between The Toes Of Giants
Research thesis on ADMA Biologics (Ticker: ADMA US Equity)
Research Thesis On ADMA Biologics (Ticker: ADMA US Equity)
URL link to wordpress blog page where i post my research theses on fundamental value investments, equity special situations and interesting macroeconomic outliers.
Esperion Therapeutic's ETC-1002 - An Under Appreciated Late Stage Cholesterol Drug
Summary ETC-1002 was previously assessed by the FDA as a potential PPAR alpha agonist. Will ETC-1002 work in patients already on high-dose statins? Management team is very experienced in developing drugs with a similar mechanism of action.
China Looks Set To Dramatically Increase It's Spending On Infrastructure
Investors shouldn't underestimate China's ability to support its economy with massive fiscal stimulus measures over the medium term.
China’s Economy In Q1 ’17
Summary - Growth in 2016 was driven by higher commodity prices and booming real estate markets. - Housing inventory and key commodities in storage in China are close to all-time highs. - The global reflationary cycle is reaching its peak.
1 to 5 of 5 Posts