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Enterprise Web and Database Application Developer, Finance Blogger
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Worked in both the research and business sides of a University implementing web & database applications, managing enterprise applications.

Co-founder of a healthcare technology startup (WellAWARE systems). Ran The Internet Book Database for several years.

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Does The Model X Ramp Spell Long Term Trouble For Tesla?
The stars are expected to align this year from several expected catalysts for Tesla. I'm adding more at every opportunity because I expect Model X issues to be resolved soon and all the other catalysts to help propel the stock upward long term.
E Tesla: Demand Levers And Secret Weapon Against Dealers
Tesla just announced a referral program for existing owners. I discuss the potential and the implications of their program. What does this say about demand for the Model S?
E What Comes First - TSLA Or Tesla?
A recent survey of Tesla owners shows that they own significant amount of Tesla stock, much more than the amount held by non-owners. Also, brand loyalty runs strong among Tesla owners and most will consider a second Tesla.
Tesla's New World's-Fastest 4-Door Sedan, And The Truth About 0-60 Times
As I write this, Tesla stock is lower after the D announcement. My recommendation buy on dips like today.
1 to 4 of 4 Posts