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Director of Research at Zacks

Sheraz Mian is the Director of Research at Zacks, in which capacity he leads the 60 analyst equity research team covering over 1,000 stocks, including the entire S&P 500.

He oversees the creation of all commentary as well as the various subscription services. He also manages the ... more


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EC Q4 Earnings Season Showing Revenue Momentum
It is still early going in the Q4 earnings season, with results from only 44 S&P 500 members out already.
EC Can Earnings Reports Push Bank Stocks Even Higher?
The large money-center banks that will kick off the December-quarter earnings season for the sector this week have been standout stock market performers lately.
EC Q4 Earnings Season Preview
The Q4 earnings season has gotten underway already, but will really get going with the January 14th reports from the big banks.
Avoiding The 3 Pitfalls Of 'Buy & Hold' Investing
Stocks have done exceptionally well lately, with 2019 on track to be the best performing market since 2013.
EC Previewing The Q4 2019 Earnings Season
The December-quarter reporting season will actually get underway this week with Tuesday’s earnings release from AutoZone followed by reports from Oracle, Costco and Adobe Systems on Thursday.
EC Making Sense Of Retail Earnings
The picture emerging out of the Q3 earnings season for the traditional brick-and-mortar retailers is at best mixed.
EC What Ails Macy's And The Other Department Store Stocks?
The earnings focus this week is exclusively on the Retail sector as traditional brick-and-mortar retailers, including department stores, come out with their quarterly results.
EC Were Q3 Earnings Estimates Too Low?
A preponderance of negative guidance from across all major sectors has failed to materialize.
EC Making Sense Of Q3 Earnings Season
With results from almost 40% of S&P 500 members already out, we have a representative enough sample to judge the Q3 earnings season.
EC Are Q3 2019 Earnings Results Really That Good?
In absolute terms, Q3 results are at best average, if not below average. The market appears to like the results - but should it?
EC Solid Start To Q3 Earnings Season
This year’s growth challenge is primarily a function of tough comparisons to last year’s tax-cut-driven record earnings.
EC What To Expect From Q3 Earnings Season With Big Banks Set To Report
The Finance sector dominates this week’s lineup of earnings reports, with a representative cross section of the space’s representatives on deck.
EC Big Bank Earnings Preview And Early Q3 2019 Results
Banks are cyclical businesses engaged in lending and other activities like investment banking, money management and trading that are always at the mercy of the economic cycle. It is important to keep this in mind as bank earnings cmmence.
Will Q3 Earnings Finish Negative This Year?
Estimates for Q3 came down as the quarter got underway.
EC Weak Start To The Q3 2019 Earnings Season
The Q3 reporting season will really get underway when the big banks report in mid-October, but results from 15 S&P 500 members are already out.
EC The Q3 2019 Earnings Season Gets Underway
The Q3 reporting season will really get underway when the big banks report results in mid-October, but the earnings season has actually started already with results from 5 S&P 500 members out.
1 to 16 of 227 Posts
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