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Director of Research at Zacks

Sheraz Mian is the Director of Research at Zacks, in which capacity he leads the 60 analyst equity research team covering over 1,000 stocks, including the entire S&P 500.

He oversees the creation of all commentary as well as the various subscription services. He also manages the ... more


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How Far Have Q3 Earnings Estimates Fallen?
Estimates have started coming down, with the overall revisions trend turning negative even after accounting for the persistent favorable revisions trend enjoyed by the Energy sector.
3 Key Takeaways From Q2 Earnings Season
The Q2 earnings season has turned out to be a lot better relative to what the market feared.
How To Make The Most Of Today's Market
The Fed’s accelerated tightening moves have raised hopes that the bulk of the rate hikes may now be behind us. Improved visibility on this front has prompted many in the market to buy quality stocks at discounts.
Apple, Amazon And Big Tech Showcase Their Earnings Power Once Again
No company is completely immune from cyclical forces and we saw some of that with advertising spending trends in the Alphabet and Meta quarterly reports.
Previewing Big Tech Earnings Ahead Of A Huge Week For Wall Street
Revenue growth is expected to remain strong, with cost pressures weighing on earnings expectations. Needless to add that these Tech leaders are faced with compressed margins.
Breaking Down JPMorgan, Citi & Big Bank Earnings
Had it not been for the high reserve releases in the year-earlier period, Q2 earnings for the industry would be essentially flat.
Q2 Earnings Season Gets Underway
For 2022 Q2, total S&P 500 earnings are expected to increase +2.1% from the same period last year.
Previewing JPMorgan And The Big Banks To Kick Off Q2 Earnings Season
We have JPMorgan and Citigroup kicking off the Q2 reporting cycle for the group on Thursday and Friday this week, respectively.
Have Earnings Estimates Come Down Enough?
Q2 Earnings estimates for the index as a whole are only modestly down since the start of the quarter, but they are down significantly on an ex-Energy basis.
Will Earnings Estimates Finally Come Down?
Part of the uncertainty in the market at present is related to how earnings estimates should evolve in an aggressive Fed tightening cycle. The market has a sense of what should happen to earnings estimates, but it isn’t seeing much of that just yet.
Looking For Guidance To Reset Earnings Expectations
Expected Q2 earnings growth in the aggregate has declined from +2.8% on March 30th to +2.1% today (up from +1.9% last week).
Previewing The Q2 Earnings Season As Inflation Soars
The Q2 reporting cycle will really get going in mid-July with big banks' quarterly results. But we will have counted the results from almost two dozen index members by then.
Breaking Down Earnings Amid Fed Tightening, Economic Slowdown Fears
If we look at the revisions trend in the aggregate, at the S&P 500 level, we don’t see a lot of movement.
Breaking Down The Earnings Outlook After Retailers Disappoint
The stock market has been merciless in response to disappointing Q1 results.
Previewing Retail Sector Earnings As Inflation Climbs
With respect to the Retail sector's 2022 Q1 earnings season scorecard, we now have results from 21 of the 34 retailers in the S&P 500 index.
The Energy Sector Is Surging: How Sustainable Are Earnings?
The pandemic was tough on the oil patch, with the immediate aftermath of Covid lockdowns pushing oil futures prices into negative territory. But the rebound has been equally impressive.
1 to 16 of 351 Posts
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