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Sheraz Mian is the Director of Research at Zacks, in which capacity he leads the 60 analyst equity research team covering over 1,000 stocks, including the entire S&P 500.

He oversees the creation of all commentary as well as the various subscription services. He also manages the ... more


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EC Market Shrugs Off Strong Retail Earnings
Only 4% of the S&P500 has yet to report. The traditional retail space will dominate the coming week's line-up, and has also made a strong showing in recent days, though the markets remain unimpressed.
EC Earnings Start Growing Again
Looking at Q4 as a whole, total earnings are now expected to be up +3% on +2.9% higher revenues. This positive growth follows three back-to-back quarters of declines for S&P 500 earnings.
EC Earnings Estimates Keep Going Up
To give you a sense of how much the Q4 growth pace has changed in recent weeks and how good the reporting cycle has turned out to be, total Q4 earnings for the 372 companies already reporting are up 4.6%.
EC Q4 Earnings Growth Turns Positive
Positive growth has arrived a little earlier than expected, with earnings in the ongoing Q4 earnings season now modestly above the year-earlier period.
EC Earnings Strength And Market Weakness
The market appears to be shrugging off the very strong and reassuring run of quarterly earnings results, with unusual and speculative trading activities in a few heavily shorted stocks dominating the discourse.
EC Q4 And 2021 Earnings Estimates Keep Going Up
A historically high proportion of the reporting companies not only beat EPS and revenue estimates but also provided positive and reassuring guidance.
EC Positive Start To Q4 Earnings Season
The positive bank results aren’t just reflective of business conditions in the last quarter of 2020, but rather a function of growing optimism about the coming quarters.
EC Big Bank Q4 Earnings Preview
Large money-center banks kick off the Q4 2020 earnings season. They've taken significant hits to profitability due to the pandemic, but their earnings set-up remains positive, with the market likely to look past Q4 results.
An Improving Earnings Outlook To Start 2021
While growth in the current period (2020 Q4) will likely remain under pressure, we should expect the outlook to steadily improve in the New Year.
EC Q4 2020 Earnings Season Preview
2020 earnings and revenues are expected to be down -16.9% and -3.9%, respectively. But growth resumes in the New Year, with easy comparisons providing a big help.
EC The Retail Sector's Strong Earnings Performance
The COVID-19 pandemic and associated lockdowns did cause havoc in parts of the broader retail space, with restaurants and department stores particularly hard hit.
EC Earnings Preview: What To Expect From The Retail Sector
For Q3, combining the results that have come out with estimates for the still-to-come retailers, total earnings are expected to be down +11.9% YoY on +9.4% higher revenues.
Tech Leadership Reflects Earnings Power
Tech stocks were market leaders even before COVID-19 arrived, but the pandemic has cemented these companies’ status. The reasons are obvious; these companies, ranging from Alphabet and Facebook to Amazon and Apple, have become ever more essential.
Navigating The Market As The U.S. Economy Recovers -Saturday, Oct. 31
The worst of the pandemic’s economic and corporate earnings impact is already behind us, with the picture already starting to improve. The recovery has gotten underway, but will likely be slower and drawn out than many in the market are banking on. 
EC Are Technology Companies Losing Their Earnings Power?
The market appears to be reevaluating its position on the big technology stocks, with the trend becoming even clearer after Thursday’s quarterly releases from Apple, Amazon, Alphabet, and Facebook.
EC Previewing Big Tech Earnings
Technology still remains the undisputed leader in the market, with the major players in the space still accounting for a big part of the market’s gains since the pandemic.
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