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Shailesh Kumar is the CEO of Value Stock Guide, one of the premier value investment advice site on the internet. 

An MBA from University of Michigan and a former Management Consultant, Shailesh has helped numerous Fortune 100 ... more


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How To Invest In Oil And Profit Now After OPEC Cuts
First time in 8 years OPEC has come together and agreed to a reduction in production by 750,000 bpd.
How Should You Invest After The Brexit Vote
Financials are definitely the sector that you should avoid for now. Specifically European banks, but any bank that has a large exposure to Europe is a risk. Similarly, I would avoid insurers that are exposed to British and European assets.
7 Best Mid Cap Stocks To Invest In Now
Value stocks are now getting back in favor. It has been almost 7 years of growth and momentum leading the value in returns. This year we have seen significant capital move out of growth and into value.
7 Very Attractive Small Cap Stocks By Valuation
With the market so volatile and the investors generally heading for the exits, many good companies can be acquired today for cheap.
24 Low P/E Ratio Stocks And ADRs For February 2016
At this time in the market there is no shortage of stocks selling at low multiples of their fundamentals.
Financial Ratio Analysis: Sometimes Rules Of Thumb Do Not Work
Anyone who has ever tried to value a company has used some rules of thumb when conducting the financial ratio analysis.
6 Best Canadian Dividend Stocks For US And Canadian Investors
Today we go to the north of the border to find some of the best dividend stocks Canada has to offer.
January 2016 VSG Portfolio And Market Update
January has come and gone this year and the investors have been left behind in a sea of red.
Exited GENC For 57.33% Return
It took us close to 4 years to get a 57% return. Was it worth it? Maybe not.
Value Investing In Cyclical Stocks
Cyclical stocks tend to be reliable profit generators in a value investor’s portfolio. Cycles exaggerate the valuations because they cause uncertainty in the market.
12 High Dividend Stocks That May Be Reasonably Valued
High dividend stocks are attractive if they can be bought for a reasonable valuation. There is always a balance to find when looking for such stocks.
Resetting Investor Expectations With Upcoming Interest Rate Hikes
Two sectors in particular will benefit from the upcoming interest rate hikes and the global economic slowdown. Investors should try to position their portfolios accordingly.
Sold NPK Recently For 43.26% Total Return
We decided to exit the position so we can free up some capital to take advantage of the minor market crisis that we have seen in the last few months. This is a relative valuation trade.
Small Is Still Beautiful (If You Take Out The Ugly Parts)
In 1939, Sir John Templeton borrowed $10,000 and used it to invest $100 in every stock listed on NYSE selling for under $1. No regard was paid to the quality of the business, profits, etc. Here's what happened...
1 to 14 of 14 Posts