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Shah Gilanis experience and knowledge uniquely distinguish him as a traders trader. Shah ran his first hedge fund in 1982 from his seat on the floor of the Chicago Board of Options Exchange. When the OEX (options on the Standard Poors 100) began trading on March 11, 1983, Shah was working in the ...more


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Make This Gold Play Right Now For A Quick Triple-Digit Profit
What goes up must come down - and that's giving us an opportunity for a nice payday on one of my favorite speculative assets. I'm talking about gold.
We Could Be Looking At Another 25% Market Plummet – History Tells Us Why
All that largesse leading to 1980s-style inflation has to be wrenched out of the economy, and it's going to take high rates for longer to come anywhere close.
Score Triple-Digit Gains As The Fed Slashes Its Balance Sheet
Wall Street, investors, the media, and the public are hyper-focused on the Federal Reserve's rate hiking policy path, but the exact same trap door markets fell through in 2018 is about to open wide - and nobody's talking about it. Except me, that is.
The Best Inflation-Beating Investment You Can Make Right Now
With global demand for copper, iron ore, lithium, and aluminum, skyrocketing over the past 12-18 months, it’s no surprise that RIO’s financials look fantastic.
Grab An Easy 100% Gain On Robinhood’s Huge Crash – Here’s How
Robinhood Markets, Inc. deserves recognition for democratizing finance for all. But as much as I love Robinhood for their impact on trading and investing, and making the stock market more accessible, I wouldn't touch their stock with a ten-foot pole.
The Best Recession-Proof Stock To Buy Right Now
Enterprise Products Partners LP operates more than 50,000 miles of natural gas, NGL, crude oil, refined products, and petrochemical pipelines. It's currently paying dividends at a lovely 7.26%.
Bolster Your Income With These Three 9%+ Dividend Payers
Stock investing isn't all about buying low and selling high for a profit - although that is the foundation of all good investing. In times like these, it's important to seek out passive income to supplement what is already under so much strain.
Everything You Need To Know About Second-Quarter Earnings Season
Analysts are still optimistic about earnings this quarter. The consensus is for about 4.3% earnings growth in Q2.
Double Your Money On These Two “Bullish Bounces”
One of the best things you can do is to look for "bullish bounces" wherever you can find them, short-term shifts in the sentiment around a particular stock that open up opportunities for a quick profit play.
How To Profit From The SEC’s Latest Threat To Retail Trading
The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission is out to kill payment-for-order-flow, the misunderstood retail trade routing mechanism that birthed commission-free trading while enriching a few love-to-hate brokerages and Wall Street scapegoats.
A $3.2 Trillion Opportunity Knocks Next Week – Here’s How You Can Make Money
This coming Friday (June 17) is a huge options expiration day. Some $3.2 trillion worth of options contracts expire that afternoon - and it could rock the markets. Why? Because there's lots of money to be made trading expiration dynamics.
How To Spot The Market Bottom
A good place to start looking to see how low we could go would be the lowest intraday levels the indices in bear markets have already reached.
What To Do With Tesla First Thing Tomorrow
Tesla's 50-day moving average is inching closer and closer to its 200-day moving average, and soon we could be looking at a "death cross."
Profit On Volatility: How To Play The VIX For 100% Gains
Thursday's rout sent the Nasdaq, S&P 500, and DOW tumbling 4.99%, 3.56% and 3.12%, respectively - but it also sent the CBOE Market Volatility Index (VIX) up as much as 31.47% in the same session.
How To Score 100% Gains From Netflix’s Downward Plunge
Nothing went over the proverbial cliff faster than Netflix Inc. The company reported results for the first quarter that missed various estimates, and the stock dropped nearly 40% before rebounding slightly in early Friday trading.
These Three “Sentiment Cycle” Plays Each Have 100% Profit Potential
With sanctions on Russia ramping up, security experts warn that a retaliatory cyber-fight could be coming to the West.
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