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Shah Gilani's experience and knowledge uniquely distinguish him as a "trader's trader." Shah ran his first hedge fund in 1982 from his seat on the floor of the Chicago Board of Options Exchange. When the OEX (options on the Standard & Poor's 100) began trading on March ... more


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The Best Stocks To Profit On The Strongest Economy In 38 Years
There's some very bearish commentary coming out of the mainstream media, especially when it comes to cyclical stocks. But they're just wrong, these stocks are supercharged by the most powerful economic growth in 38 years.
Make Legendary Moves (And Money) With This New Strategy
When a "mutual" financial institution (a bank or a thrift) converts to a publicly traded bank, there are several ways for investors to grab an enormous profit.
The No. 1 Sector To Buy Into Right Now
Bank stocks had a great run higher, but they started to sell off last week and into this week. Investors are practically fleeing America's biggest, most profitable bank shares.
What To Do With Your Big Tech Stocks Right Now
People who own stocks are feeling the pressure, too. The hard-charging, hell-for-leather Nasdaq Composite, which has been the undisputed market leader since 2009, is down more than 7% in just a month.
Do This To Profit When Interest Rates Spike
The prospect of another $1.9 trillion in stimulus has markets rallying from last week’s turbulence, and the selling in Treasuries has cooled off a bit, but the forces that led to last week’s dual bond – haven’t necessarily gone away.  
Why Retail Investors Could Be About To Win It All
The Securities and Exchange Commission is fighting, hard for a change, to make sure regular investors get a crack at the data that made Wall Street $28 billion in profits in the first half of 2020 alone.
The Real Reason Robinhood Froze GME Buying – And Why It Matters
Congress and regulators, who always seem to be late to the party, are making more noise than ever, though, and that means it's not quite over. No one seems to know what really happened.
Three Stocks To Buy For Biden's First Term
It's a story as old as the republic. Every new administration comes to D.C. with the intention of changing things, and, by and large, that means changing the flow of money – spending here, tightening there, taxing here, cutting there.
How To Profit In A Democrat-Led Economy
The truth is, and, again, history backs me up here, there are going to be tons of moneymaking opportunities and profit catalysts with the Democrats running Washington… just as there were when the GOP was.
How To Play GOOG And FB As Big Tech Sells Off
Two of America's technology giants – some of the biggest, richest companies on Earth – are under significant regulatory pressure right now.
My 2021 Market Outlook Means These Stocks Are “Must Buys”
After a nine-month stretch during which stocks rebounded more than 65% – and set record highs an average of every eight trading days – I'm predicting one hell of an encore in 2021.
What To Do When The Market Sells-Off Like This
A lot of investors were and still are fixated on the news, but the really important thing to understand is how and why the market leaders failed – as it points to what we should be doing.
EC The Real Supreme Court Bombshell That's Lurking
The Supreme Court may very well have the $9 trillion tech sector – particularly the FAANGs – in its sights.
There's A Big New Reason To Buy Gold Now
The tension between the bulls and the bears is really strong right now.
How A Contested Election Result Could Double Your Money
If investors are going to head to the sidelines, they'll start moving that way before Election Day. And they're likely to sell more and more when it emerges that whatever the result is, it's being contested.
It's Time To Short The Bond Market
The stock market is always more important in a financial crisis than bond markets – or at least that's true in the early going.
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