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I am a professional institutional investor and creator of The Integrating Investor. My career has spanned both the sell-side and buy-side, with the vast majority of it as an analyst in the corporate bond market – though I did “cut my teeth” in equity ... more


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The Unsurprising Repo Surprise
Have you heard? There’s trouble in the repo markets. Even casual investment market participants probably know that something’s amiss.
Why Are We So Scared
Scared is a psychological state. It connotes being afraid or frightened. Scared feelings typically arise when one feels helpless in a situation or believes he/she is unable to improve it via action.
Motives Creating Negative Yields
The global bond market is huge.
Negative Rates Are Destructive But Profitable
Negative interest rate policies (NIRP) are so pernicious and beyond absurd, irrespective of whether or not they saved the collapsing financial system in 2008.
Recovering Perma-Bear At A Crossroad
I’m a recovering perma-bear. I find myself terrorized by the current weakening US economic landscape.I am mindful of confirmation bias. and herein lies my conundrum. What’s a recovering bear to do at such a crossroad?
Investing On Persistent Foundations
The volatility in the investment markets over the past few months has been truly astonishing.
The Opportunity Of Misplaced Inflation
The global economy is apparently facing a significant problem. Inflation’s gone missing! Central bankers can’t seem to stoke it no matter how deftly they act.
Reflexivity Here In The Yield Curve & Everywhere
Reflexivity as a model for market behavior is more widely accepted today. More commonly referred to as complexity theory, complex adaptive system analysis, or some other variant, it is both growing as a field of study as well as in stature.
Cheap Fed Liquidity Forestalls Deleveraging & Entices Debt
The Fed doesn’t create money; confusing I know. In fact, it doesn’t even print currency (the U.S. Treasury does)! The Fed is a “banker’s bank.” It interacts with private banks via the reserve accounts they hold with it.
Central Banks Don’t Create Money… Really
The financial system is built through pyramiding. Banks hold liabilities of other institutions as assets.
Powell’s Real Choice: His Reputation Or Esteem
Chairman Jerome Powell’s choice was not between making the correct or incorrect policy decision; it was between maintaining some semblance of intellectual independence and being forever enslaved to the markets.
The Smashing Effects Of A Trade War
There are clearly foreign policy issues between the US and Chna that require addressing. Economics is simply ill-suited for this job. and can lead to disastrous results.
Thriving With Systematic & Discretionary Investing
We are witnessing a seismic shift in the investment markets. “New” quantitative approaches are encroaching upon the turf where fundamental and technical analysts had traditionally grazed.
Reframing The Risks And Opportunities In Rates
"Rates” might be one of the more risky investment propositions available, at least relative to their histories. The potential for losses has rarely been higher in the modern record of the U.S. bond market. It also presents opportunities.
Emerging Pieces From The Emerging Markets Decline
It’s no secret that emerging markets (EM) are in a bit of a rough patch.
An Investment Philosophy: Who Needs It
Successful investing doesn’t require exceptional physical conditioning, brawn, salesmanship, “people skills”, mathematical aptitude, or a high IQ. It requires a well-defined investment philosophy.
1 to 16 of 16 Posts