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A Stronger Euro Will Ruin The QE Taper Plans
Just like any good (or mediocre) telenovela, the plot twists at central banks globally aren’t only very predictable, they're also laughable, as the presidents and chairman of the respective banks try to ‘guide’ the market by using specific words.
Turkey Is Buying Gold Like There’s No Tomorrow
Not only are the Turks buying more gold at a substantially more aggressive pace than the Russians adding 950,000 ounces of the yellow metal in just three months, the purchases are also much more meaningful when you look at the bigger picture.
Inflation? Where?
A lot of eyes were on Janet Yellen’s testimony in front of the Senate Banking committee last week, as investors wanted to hear more clues about a potential change in the economic and monetary policy of the Federal Reserve.
Has Peak Silver Arrived?
Long story short: the demand for silver is there ‘to stay’, but will the supply side be able to keep up with the demand? Scrap supply seems to have peaked, while it won’t be easy to increase the mine supply.
Draghi Did Not Expect THIS Market Reaction
Mario Draghi shocked the ECB audience saying ‘deflationary forces have been replaced by reflationary ones. This immediately resulted in the Euro gaining ground versus the US Dollar, reaching the highest level since June last year.
Canada: A First-world Country With Spiking Household Debt. 2008 All Over Again?
A major issue arising in Canada hasn’t received too much attention lately. Year after year, quarter after quarter, the level of the household debt is increasing both in absolute and relative numbers.
While The Fed Increases The Interest Rates, Russia Is Slashing Them Again
It’s now increasingly likely we will also see the Fed starting to reduce the size of its balance sheet although it might take a while before the central bank starts to unload its securities at a more aggressive pace.
Banco Santander ‘Saves’ Banco Popular: It Smells
What was bound to happen has now finally happened; a major European bank has collapsed. Despite not being one of the largest banks, Banco Popular definitely was one of the better-known names in Spain and Southern Europe as a whole.
Stunning: Italy Says NO To Bail-in Scenarios
Whereas most bank clients accepted a bail-in as one of the risks associated with depositing cash on a bank account, Italy doesn’t seem to be too sure about forcing its banks to do so.
Greece Is Just Chasing An Illusion Of Financial Independence
A Greek drama rarely ends after just one act or scene and although the recent bailout talks haven’t been extensively covered by the media, the Greek population will once again have to make sacrifices to make sure the country gets more bailout money.
The European Commission Doesn’t Agree With The ECB
In the Eurozone it’s not just the European Central Bank which publishes its forecasts on a regular basis, but the European Commission also releases its own expectations. And those don’t necessarily agree with the ECB’s assessments.
A Decade-Low Unemployment Rate? But At What Price?
The Bureau of Labor Statistics announced the updated employment situation results on Friday, and what appears to be very positive at first sight (and based on the headlines) actually might not be as good as it seems.
Is The GDXJ Really Killing The Market?
While the GDXJ is absolutely popular for the right reasons, one might argue the GDXJ has become too big compared to the size of the companies it’s investing in.
How The Recent Executive Order Could Change The US Commodity Sector
The DOE has dumped 3.4 million pounds of uranium on the open market, while the total uncommitted utility demand for the same period was just 0.3 million pounds.
Is The Business Cycle Peaking?
There’s a really interesting (but logical) correlation between the oil price and the inflation rate and inflation expectations in both the Eurozone and the USA.
Will The Fed Start To Dump Bonds On The Open Market?
According to William Dudley, the president of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, we might see the Federal Reserve reducing the size of its balance sheet sooner rather than later.
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