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Tom Shaughnessy is a MicroCap analyst focusing on extremely under-the-radar companies. Tom's focus is technology companies, with a strong emphasis on management teams, the opportunity for viral growth, low institutional ownership, high margins and high recurring revenue. Tom ... more

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Eight Reasons Why Direct Insite’s Earnings Call Has Us Bullish
Management may be overly sanguine given a recent setback, but we're still liking what we hear.
E The TSX Venture Exchange Got Crushed, Opportunities Are Endless
The destruction of the TSX Venture exchange has created ample opportunities to invest in solid MicroCaps whose stories are unchanged.
E Professional MicroCap Screening Video Lesson
Screening for potential investment ideas is one of the key ways to find new investments. While screening for large cap companies is generally self-explanatory, screening for MicroCap gems is much more involved.
Telesta Therapeutics $TST.TO Up 100%+, Where Are We Putting The Profits?
Telesta Therapeutics hit a D-Day binary event, we are glad we sold for a gain, but a new deal may be possible in the future.
AcuityAds Holdings: Unknown SaaS Play With >100% Upside
. I believe this tiny Canadian stock will be a winner: great downside protection and more than 100% upside.
E Pacific Safety Products’ Unknown Turnaround Offers Huge Upside
Pacific Safety Products is a completely unknown micro-cap trading on the Toronto Venture Exchange. Deeply undervalued too; this opportunity presents 100% to 250% upside potential within 12 months.
E Brekford: A Great Opportunity To Triple Your Money
Brekford is a virtually unknown security technology pure play, one of Wall Street's hottest sectors. This company generated $18 million in revenue over 2014, yet it's valued at just $9 million whereas peers are valued much, much higher.
E CriticalControl Solutions: A C$0.30 Cloud Play Worth More Than A Dollar
CriticalControl Solutions is a completely off-the-radar software stock trading on the Toronto Venture Exchange; this article is the first coverage ever. This growing company has generated $51 million in revenue last year, is financially sound, yet it sports a shockingly low $16 million market cap.
E Why Immucell Corporation Is The Easiest Double In The Stock Market
Immucell Corporation is a completely unknown biotech stock; this research report is the first coverage ever, including an interview with the CEO. Shares are currently trading far below fair value, but that won't last long, as I expect the share price to double quickly.
E Why Chanticleer Holdings Could Rise 150% Within Weeks
This NASDAQ stock is growing exponantially, will have an annual revenue of $36 million based on latest quarter.
Why Image Sensing Systems Could Double Before Year End
My new pick is Image Sensing Systems (ISNS). This security related NASDAQ stock currently presents one of the best risk vs. reward profiles in the small cap space. ISNS is deeply undervalued compared to peers, and an irrational high short interest kept the share price low, but not for long...
EC Bioniche: A Home Run Buying Opportunity In Biotech
There is a critical medical need for Bioniche's technology in a $1 billion market virtually free of real competition, which opens the door for massive revenue growth, while the sound financials limits downside risk. Overall, today's $0.20 share price appears to me as an excellent entry point...
1 to 12 of 12 Posts