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Sebastien Bischeri is a former Reserve Officer in the French Armed Forces (Navy), and began his career in computer science and engineering, prior to move into banking, finance, and trading. He has worked as a contractor with top banks, firms, government departments, MNCs, SMEs and start-ups ...more


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Falling Crude Demand And Slower Chinese Growth Worry Markets
During the week ended May 5, US commercial inventories swelled by 2.951 million barrels while analysts expected a decline of 0.917 million barrels.
Crude Oil Trading At YTD High Leans On Weakening Dollar
Crude oil ended at its highest level of the year on the NYMEX on Wednesday, with fears of tighter global oil supply and slowing US inflation outweighing a slight swelling of crude inventories in the United States.
Oil Rises Despite Larger US Crude Stocks. Russian Production Worries
In addition to the disruptions in supply from Russia, there is also growing demand from China and India, which might show signs of a market that could become even more tight.
What Is Fueling The New Crude Oil Rebound?
After the weekend, crude oil prices moved away from their lowest in twelve months. The cold snap that boosts energy demand is taking precedence over concerns about global growth.
Crude Oil Drops To A New Year Low – What’s Happening?
Here’s how to make sense of the different figures reported by the Energy Information Administration (EIA).
What Will Upcoming OPEC+ Mean For Oil Prices?
The cartel meeting will take place on Sunday in a delicate context, marked by the fall in oil prices and the entry into force of new sanctions against Russia.
How Did The Rocket Explosion In Poland Affect The Oil Market?
Oil prices fell on Thursday, Nov. 17, with the prospect of a slowing global economy adding to a lower risk of geopolitical escalation.
What The USDX Shows Will Happen To Oil Soon
Energy markets are bracing for turbulence, as they may face a new storm of volatility.
Is Crude Oil Switching Into Bullish Territory Now?
Oil prices are trading this Friday at their highest in nearly a month, benefiting from the looming tighter supply as an effect of market speculation around potential zero-Covid policy relief in China.
WTI Crude Oil Is Stuck In A Choppy Trading Environment
Oil prices ended the week caught between the headwinds of a tighter global supply and a lackluster economic outlook eroding consumers' purchasing power.
Oil Hesitates, Facing Speculation And Winds From All Sides
Aggressive monetary tightening policy, the energy crisis in Europe, and China's continued zero-COVID policy are all dragging on the oil market.
Will Europe Be The Biggest Loser In The Russian-Ukrainian War?
Putin's speech fueled oil prices with the geopolitical risk of supply. What happened in the market concerned about the escalation of the war in Ukraine?
Bearish Signals Remain For Brent And WTI Crude Oil
After the bearish progress, oil prices slipped slightly as worries about the global growth outlook overtook fears about the supply shortage.
WTI Crude Oil Is Facing A Strong Hesitation Area
This contraction in crude stocks is largely attributable to the high level of exports since the acceleration in European demand is helping to push up US.. exports and therefore lower inventories.
The USD And Oil Were On A Tear, But The Dollar Fell Overboard
WTI crude oil futures rallied back above the $90 mark this week on the NYMEX as the US dollar weakened.
Crude Oil Hesitates After Briefly Dropping Below $90
Crude oil futures fell after the bulls took over.
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