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Sebastien Bischeri is a former Reserve Officer in the French Armed Forces (Navy), and
began his career in computer science and engineering, prior to move into banking, finance, and trading. He has worked as a contractor with top banks, firms, government
departments, MNCs, SMEs and ... more


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Is Crude Oil’s Rally Driven By Speculation Only?
After the surge, the WTI Crude Oil still faces some global risk sentiment strong enough to make it fly higher. Will it pop like a helium balloon?
Crude Oil Is In The Fast Lane, But Where Is It Going?
Fundamentally, nothing seems to be able to stop, in the short term, the surge in crude oil prices.
Trading Oil & Gas: Some Spicy MLPs To Choose From
A good way to diversify the construction of your oil and gas investment portfolio is to use a variety of assets for balanced exposure to the energy sector and its industrial components.
What Can We Learn From US Crude Inventories?
Crude oil inventories turned positive for the second week in a row. Was that the only reason for the recent plunge of black gold?
OPEC+ Sticks To Its Tight Supply Plan, So What Now?
Since energy is the heart of the global economy, if inflationary prices are accelerating further, they could lead to a global state of tachycardia, which would rapidly spread to other sectors and, consequently, threaten the entire economy.
How The Recent Natural Gas Surge Boosts Crude Prices
This could be an interesting week for both energy commodity markets.
Natural Gas News: Europe Lacks Supply, So It Turns To Asia
Gas prices are still fuelled by supply concerns in Europe, where inventories are recording multi-year lows.
Now That US Stocks Pushed Oil Higher, Is It Correction Time?
After a surge in crude oil prices at the beginning of the week, we could see some pullback happening.
How To Trade Oil And Gas - Part 2
You might be thinking about using stocks, ETFs, CFDs, or futures to trade oil and gas. Well, picking the right instrument depends on many factors.
As Brent Moves Towards $80, Should You Enter A Trade?
While oil rebounds, $80 is the key price level to watch for.
Piercing The Sky: Where Will We See The Black Gold By Xmas?
Knock, knock? Is it already the sky, or just a ceiling? Either way, oil has risen substantially — how high can it go?
Trading Energy ETFs In Foreign Currencies: What To Focus On
Trading energy ETFs outside of US exchanges can be tricky, as it often means lower liquidity and some latency, but is it worth trying? Definitely.
Oil Surged Amid Falling US Inventories, Hitting Our Target!
Oil prices rose to their highest level in two months as U.S. inventories fell more than twice what was expected. Where will it lead us?
Will China Tolerate Higher Inflation On Energy Prices?
China has limited tolerance for the impact of higher inflation on energy prices - and this is perfectly understandable from the perspective of the leading importer of crude oil.
Natural Gas: How Are Futures And ETFs Correlated?
A look at the energy ETFs’ world.
Oil & Gas Follow-Up: How Does An Oil Rebound Sound?
CL indeed bounced from the May 2021 low.
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