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I manage Wax Ink.net, an equities valuation company not licensed or registered with any government agency, producing equities valuation reports for about 300 public traded companies annually.

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Abbott Laboratories - A Fair Value Report
A company’s earnings can be impacted by sources unrelated to the company’s day to day operations. These unrelated sources may distort a company’s operating income and consequently its fair value.
Johnson And Johnson Fair Value Report
Over the past 12 months, the company has recorded 65 insider trades involving 836,424 shares of stock.
A Fair Warning Report For The Clorox Company
Growth targets for the company fell short during FYE 2019. Would investment in the company fall short too?
E Between The Sheets With Celanese Corporation
A Celanese Corporation quickie
E Between The Sheets With Adobe Systems, Inc.
Should you or shouldn't you buy Adobe? I mean it's only your hard earned cash but the stock is hugely overpriced.
Between The Sheets With Powell Industries
Powell Industries develops, designs, manufactures and services custom-engineered equipment and systems for the distribution. My short-term target for the stock is $34.37, with an initial trailing stop set at $25.19.


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The Fed Is Trapped In QE As Interest Rates Can’t Rise Ever Again
27 days ago

Interesting. Rates can never rise again? Wow. Bold statement. I guess supply and demand no longer matters in our economy.

How Can You Avoid Value Traps In This Market?
4 years ago

To me, all of those graphs and charts are confusing.

For example, I have Pentair on my watch list with a fair value of $37-$41 based on the company's latest 10-K filing. Looking at a recent close of $44.10 I can see that the stock is trading a fair value, so I would not be interested at this time because there is no margin of safety.

I tried to find your valuation for Pentair in all of those charts and graphs but could not. Certainly that is not surprising as it is the first time for me to see your graphs.


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There just isn't any.
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To me the stock overpriced. Connie is into uniforms so you might ask her.
Encore Wire Corporation - A Fair Value Report
Year in and year out, it just does what it does
Phillips 66 - A Fair Value Report
This may be one of those that is truly worth a person's due diligence
Generac Holdings - A Fair Value Report
At current prices, investors are paying for a massive over valuation.
Schlumberger - A Fair Value Report
A borderline value trap that pays a dividend....nice.
Plantronics - A Fair Value Report
Run, Alfred, Run!!!
RBC Bearings - A Fair Value Report
Slippery is required to make things roll smoothly

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