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3 Small Cap Biotechs With Upcoming Catalysts
Catalyst Trading in biotech stocks can be very profitable. Often times, many catalyst events are over looked by the market, especially when it comes to small cap biotech.
3 Biotechs With Upcoming Data To Be Presented At Conferences
Biotech stocks tend to have strong movement when their respective companies have binary events upcoming in short order. Here are 3 companies with upcoming data to be presented at data conferences this week.
4 Small Cap Biotechs With Upcoming Catalysts
The biotech “run-up” trade has always attracted a wide array of traders looking to take advantage of potentially high alpha price moves before the actual catalyst/binary event come to fruition.
MyoKardia Brings Hope To Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy Patients
Obstructive Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy affects roughly 1 out of 500 persons in the U.S, and globally. MyoKardia based on my research has a good chance to successfully treat this highly underserved and unmet need patient population.
GlycoMimetics - High Potential Clinical-Stage Biotech
GlycoMimetics is a clinical-stage biotech that we feel has significant potential to be a short, mid, and long term winner. The company has a unique and novel platform in which early data looks very promising.
Calithera Pharma In Focus, Part 3 - Arginase Inhibitor And Acquisition Target
In the last part of our series on Calithera Biosciences we will be examining the company's second clinical asset and its acquisition chances sometime this year or early 2018.
Calithera In Focus, Part 2 - Upcoming Catalysts In TNBC And RCC
In this article, we will review Calithera's upcoming data catalyst value drivers, which should positively effect the company's market capitalization moving forward. Calithera is also poised to eventually become a high value acquisition.
Calithera Pharma In Focus, Part 1 - Checkpoint Inhibition
Clinical stage company Calithera presents an early stage investment opportunity with the ability to enhance therapeutic value to the first wave of IO therapeutics checkpoint inhibitors from Merck's Keytruda and Bristol-Myers Squibb's Opdivo.
Negative Interest Rates Next Up - Will Pump Markets But Eventually Destroy The Global Financial System
In this article, I will go over several key factors concerning future negative interest rates, Quantitative Easing (QE), leverage and liquidity, economic growth and the lack thereof, debt, and my forecast on what to expect moving forward from here.
It's Not Greece Alone - Explaining And Defining Global Finance And The Current Systemic Risk
Many market participants are clearly not understanding the current situation in Greece and the contagion it can cause. It's not Greece alone, its the real systemic contagion risk.
The Fairway Group Long Swing Trade Thesis - Earnings Play/Short Cover
The Fairway Group is set to report on earnings next Tuesday, May 26th, after the bell. Before the last earnings call, the stock made a nice run-up as Fairway has a large short interest due to the past failures of prior management.
Fairway Group Likely To Beat On Bottom Line EPS - Strong Acquisition Candidate
Fairway is scheduled to report earnings from its last quarter May 28. During the last Q the EURO dollar weakened substantially while the dollar gained. Fairway imports a ton of food from Eu Zone. We think for this reason, Fairway will beat on EPS.
MEI Pharma Is Oversold And Will Recover
Recently, MEI Pharma reported that its Phase II trial for Pracinostat in combination with azacitidine failed to meet its primary endpoint. However, Pracinostat has been shown to work in a 2nd line setting. With catalysts upcoming, the stock is oversold and half valued and should rally back.
Institutions Buying MEI Pharma Ahead Of Topline Data Catalyst In Mid-March
MEIP is expecting to release important Phase II topline data next month. We expect to see the stock price continue to increase up until that time. If positive as we expect, the stock should even rally further.
3 Stocks That Should Move Significantly Higher Soon
Today, we list 3 stocks we feel are likely to move higher in the short and midterm.
Activist Shareholder David Callan Pushing For Sale Of Identiv
David Callan is a successful activist shareholder who is pushing for the sale of Identiv, a small company in which Callan holds a substantial position.
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