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I am a bored corporate accountant who has been following the debt/deficit issue personally for nearly a decade. A few years back, looking for a better understanding of the US deficit, I stumbled across the Daily Treasury Statement, which is essentially a daily cash flow statement for the US ... more


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US 2018 Cash Deficit: $958B
Looking at the full year, revenues were essentially flat, up just $19B, or about 0.5%.
US Cash Deficit November 2018: $223B
Revenues were essentially flat…which maybe we chalk up as a win given the tax cut YOY comps….not much to see there.
US Cash Deficit October 2018: $100B
Cash Deficit was $100B….$40B over last year, though a good chunk of that is just timing issues getting flushed out.
January 2018 US Cash Surplus $24B
The good news is we start the year with a surplus, but that was more or less expected… January is, in general, a strong revenue month as un-withheld tax deposits start flowing in… $75B in January vs. $13B in December.
December 2017 US Cash Deficit $10B, 2017 Cash Deficit $710B
Nothing really interesting about December’s $10B deficit, but we now have a total for 2017 which rang up at $710B, $13B higher than 2016’s $697B deficit.
November US Cash Deficit $161B
The US Cash Deficit for November came in at $161B compared to $157B last year pushing the 2017 cash deficit through 11 months to $700B, $17B over last year’s $683B.
October US Cash Deficit $60B
We now have the finals for October which clocked a $60B cash deficit.
September 2017 US Cash Deficit $14B
Revenue flat and outlays up a bit, pushing the September Cash deficit from $5B last year to $14B.
Temporary Debt Limit Deal Reached (9-2017)
Can we really even call it a debt limit if Treasury can then circumvent it using laws/rules passed by congress for six full months, and $317B?
August 2017 Cash Deficit: $158B
The estimated US Cash Deficit for August 2017 came in at $158B, $7B higher than last August as revenue faltered and outlays were up a smidge.
July 2017 Cash Deficit: $33B
Not a bad looking month. Some of the revenue beat was timing, but the YTD is now at +4%. All of the outlay beat was timing, and the YTD outlays are up 2.5%.
June 2017 Cash Deficit: $23B
The US Cash Deficit for June 2017 came in at $23B compared to last June's $19B surplus primarily due to timing. With July 1 on a Saturday, about $40B of cost that was due in early July was paid 6/30.
May 2017 Cash Deficit: $107B
The May 2017 Cash Deficit came in at $107B. That may not look great YOY, but the big expense spike was timing related, and expected.
April 2017 Cash Surplus: $206B
Looking at the month, revenues were solid and timing issues compared to last year brought down expenses as expected, but don’t worry, we’ll be back to even 5/1. Regardless…A $206B surplus isn’t too shabby, so let’s enjoy it for just a moment.
US Cash Deficit-March 2017
It looks really bad….some of it was timing, but some of it was just plain ol’ bad...
March 2017 Deficit Preview
The story so far is that refunds are up as expected, hurting net revenues, while corporate tax deposits are down 52% to just $18B compared to $38B last year.
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