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Samuel is a currency trader, retail investor, author and contributor to a number of the leading trading market publications, including Futures Magazine, FX Trader Magazine, Master Investor and Spreadbet Magazine. His book, more


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Here's A Look At The Drug That Underpins The Latest Aptose Biosciences Inc. Designation
Aptose Biosciences Inc. picked up Orphan Designation for an early stage development asset on Dec 26, 2017. Here's a look at what that means.
Otonomy Just Did Something That's Almost Never Seen In Biotech
Here's a look at the latest Otonomy development and why it's so unusual and, at the same time, potentially game-changing for the company.
Why Sarepta Therapeutics Inc Looks On Track For A Second DMD Approval
Here's a look at Sarepta's latest data and where it fits into the company's Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD) portfolio. From a trader's perspective, Sarepta looks like it could be a strong pick heading into early 2018 and beyond.
AstraZeneca And Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited Parkinson's Collaboration
AstraZeneca announced that it has put together a deal with Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited that will see the two collaborate on the development of a brand-new Parkinson's disease asset.
Here Are Two Exposures To The Coming Copper Boom With Near Term Catalysts
Here's a look at two copper stocks that could be set to gain on both near term catalysts and longer term industry trends.
Here's What Markets Have Missed By Overlooking The VBI Vaccines CMV News
Here's a look at the latest data from VBI Vaccines' CMV trial with a discussion of what to look out for next from the program.
What The Latest Conference Call Says About Wirecard's Efforts In The Payments Space
Here's a look at why Wirecard AG could be a smart pick in a busy industry, and an analysis of the company's latest earnings call to support the thesis.
An Update On VBI Vaccines Inc: What's Happened And What It Means
Here's an update to my recent coverage of vaccine-focused biotechnology play VBI Vaccines. What's changed since the last time I looked at the company, and how does it affect shareholders going forward?
Breaking Down VBI Vaccines' Pipeline: Descriptions And Catalysts
Here's a look at VBI Vaccines' (VBIV) pipeline and the events that should drive value for the company going forward; with caveats.
Blake Insomnia Therapeutics Inc : A Beta Blocker As Sleeping Pill?
A critical look at Blake Insmonia Therapeutics, which is trying to overcome the problems associated with standard of care sleeping pills using beta blockers as an active ingredient, against a backdrop of email promotion.
While Markets Focus On Apple And Magic Leap, Vuzix Corporation Is Quietly Building A Wearable Tech Empire
A look at the development landscape in smart glasses, and a company that has successfully commercialized the technology where others have struggled.
Biotech Is Hot But Here’s One Markets Just Missed: MabVax Therapeutics Holdings
Here's a look at the latest development in MabVax, and why moving from stage one to stage two in the company's lead trial is so important.
Portola Pharmaceuticals Inc. Is A Stock To Watch With Caution Ahead Of PDUFA
Portola Pharmaceuticals Inc (PTLA) could recover its year to date losses come its August PDUFA. Here's both sides of the story.
Three Exposures To Small Cap Gold With Varying Risk Profiles
Here's a look at how investors can gain exposure to the small cap gold space, with an option for individuals with varying levels of risk tolerance.
DraftDay: The Only Publicly Traded Option In A Multi Billion Dollar US Industry
Here is a look at DraftDay, Inc., which is the only direct, publicly traded exposures to the fantasy sports industry in the US.
A Market Opportunity Not Yet Priced Into Aerie Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
A detailed look at why a redesigned trial could be the key to a discounted exposure to some upsides in Aerie Pharma.
1 to 16 of 17 Posts