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Samantha LaDuc, founder of LaDuc Capital LLC, is a Macro-to-Micro strategic technical analyst, educator and trader. She grew a small technology company (family of 60) for 10 years before selling it and has been actively trading and investing since 2008. Samantha has a unique perspective in ... more


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The Top 15 Risks To The Stock Market Right Now
Many investors see blue skies. Since late-to-the-party bulls are typically the easiest to shake out, any of the following risk factors rising up to challenge the stock market can translate a fake breakout into a fast failure.
Repo Market Madness And Flash Crashes?
Wait, what? You haven’t heard what’s going on in the plumbing of our great economy, markets and more specifically the recent US dollar funding crisis that occurred overnight?
Market Thoughts: Historic Market Timing Calls
Each day I scan and synthesize market-moving news. I look at macro themes, currency moves and global economic indicators that support or challenge my thinking on the Big Picture and help me take the mood of the market.
Japanese Yen Nearing Escape Velocity
Despite Yen and markets chopping sideways since last Friday, Yuan is much weaker and coincidentally Gold/Silver/Miners continue to get bid.
Federal Reserve: To Cut Or Not To Cut Interest Rates
When Fed member John Williams suggested last Thursday that ‘r-star’ is .50%, markets took it as a sign that a 50 bps rate cut is in the cards.
Market Thoughts: Silver And Gold Are The New VIX
There’s a lot to unpack in the growing instability of the markets right now so I’m going to resort to equal parts summarizing with granularity.
Stock Market Thoughts: As Good As It Gets?
S&P 500 earnings estimates for 2020 have remained lofty even as current-year estimates have fallen hard. The street was looking for 6-8% growth seven months ago.
Market Thoughts: Livin’ On A Prayer
When did this self-imposed US conflict officially begin? This battle that Trump took up to ‘level the playing field’? Would it surprise you to know that the China Briefing has kept a timeline?
Goldilocks And The 3 Bears Of “Layoffs, Unemployment Claims, And Payrolls”
Non Farm Payrolls (NFP) are released Friday morning. Markets have had the mighty tailwind of ever decreasing employment rates and strong job gains during this past long cycle post Great Financial Crisis.
Stock Market Update: Have We Reached Cruising Altitude Yet?
The S&P 500, from take-off at $2346.58 on December 26 to $2743.35 today, has finally risen to its 200-day simple moving average – almost 400 points in less than 8 weeks.
Really Simple: Here Are My Levels To Short Against
If the Fed does not reverse the inversion, market will be a ‘short-at-will’ event.
Is All That Glitters Gold?
The correction experienced last week was due to the velocity of the rate spike triggering an emerging market and volatility panic resulting in our market drop. At first, Gold didn’t act as if it would be a safety play but on day two moved higher.
Your Fears Realized
Whether long or short the market right now, you are taking risks, day after day, knowing with assurance you will be wrong, often, and yet you keep coming back to play at this game of risk.
Good Fishing: Retail Apparel
I have never traded retail as much as I have the past few months and I don’t think this theme is done. I think the trend reversal in out-of-favor, ‘Amazoned’-retail plays have just started to get attention, and why not?
Why Don’t More Women Trade?
Something I have learned while walking in the tunnel alone is that there are a lot of pro traders who are women walking alongside me in the shadows.
Timing The Market Top
Janet Yellen gave testimony to Congress today which caused equity, bond and gold futures to all rally. Although her comments were more dovish than many expected, it’s hard to put much faith in them longer term when her job is clearly on the line.
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