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Sam Kirtley has been involved in investment and trading in the financial markets for a number of years and has experience in stock investment and analysis as well as options trading.

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The US Presidential Election Is Not A Brexit Moment
There have been a number of comparisons drawn from the event risk around the upcoming US presidential election and the Brexit referendum earlier this year.
How Far Can Gold Go?
Gold has broken higher through its long term downtrend line with the most recent rally. This break begs the question of how much longer gold can continue rallying.
E A Hail Mary Oil Trade That Just Might Work
We are not oil experts. This is not an article arguing the reasons why oil prices may rise. This is simply an article discussing what we believe to be an outstanding trading opportunity, based purely on risk-reward dynamics.
The Fed Is Not Hiking: Risk Assets To Perform
The landscape of global monetary policy is changing.
FOMC Dovish: Gold To Go Higher And Equities To Bounce
The worsening of financial conditions this year led markets to price in rates to remain unchanged at the January FOMC meeting, with many speculating the Fed to deliver a dovish statement.
Dovish Fed To Send Gold Higher
Gold and US real rates have long had an inverse relationship. Gold rallied to all-time highs while monetary policy was being made historically accommodative through quantitative easing.
Gold Has Passed The Lows
Gold and US real rates have long held an inverse correlation. When rates were cut and the Fed embarked on massive QE, gold rallied to all-time highs. Once the Fed implemented QE3 the economic outlook improved.
Yellen Has Lift Off, But Rates Won’t Go To The Moon
At the FOMC meeting last week, the Fed raised interest rates for the first time since 2006. But we matters to us is where the rates will go next, not what they did last week.
1 to 8 of 8 Posts