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Saj Karsan founded an investment and research firm that is based on the principles of value investing. He has an MBA from the Richard Ivey School of Business, has completed all three CFA exams, and has an engineering degree from McGill University. Visit his blog, more

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Book Review: The Inside Scoop
Two friends, Ben and Jerry, took their ice cream brand from zero to one of the major leaders in the super-premium ice cream market. The Inside Scoop is the story of that company as told by the CEO who took over from them.
Book Review: Pitch The Perfect Investment
It's kind of two books in one. The first part is about valuation (of a stock), while the second part is about communication (of a stock idea).
Smith & Wesson Stock Is Too Cheap To Pass Up
Shares are down 60% from their highs. Considering the company's net cash position and consistent profitability, this is far too low.
Book Review: Confessions Of A Wall Street Insider
Michael Kimmelman was charged with insider trading as part of the US government's investigation into Raj Rajaratnam. But the evidence against him was much flimsier than that against the other guys who were charged.
Book Review: The Hydrogen Revolution, A Blueprint For The Future Of Clean Energy
Marco Alvera's recently published book makes the case for hydrogen becoming a significant fuel source in the near future.
Viacom - A Cheap Stock?
Viacom is cheap because of forced selling and generates excellent returns on capital.
ADF Group Update
Shares of ADF Group are down some 20% over the last two days, thanks to a disappointing quarterly update, on a number of fronts. But this may represent an opportunity as it trades at barely over half of its tangible book value.
Book Review: How To Avoid A Climate Disaster, By Bill Gates
How we can get from 51 billion tons of carbon emitted down to zero by 2050 - and why we should.
The Moral Case For Fossil Fuels
​Alex Epstein goes against the grain in his book "The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels". He makes a case that we should be using more, not less, fossil fuels, and I dare say he made some good arguments. ​
JEF, Unfrozen
Whether Jefferies can earn good rates or not on its current book value is not really a game I want to play.
Genesis Land: A Home Builder Left Behind By The Market
There is one home builder that has been left behind in this market frenzy, despite benefiting from the same factors as its peers.
Off The RAILs
Quarter after quarter of losses and writedowns shredded the balance sheet.
The Deficit Myth
As a society, we spend a lot of time worrying about debt. Consumer debt, household debt, municipal debt, state/provincial debt, federal debt, etc.
Summit Midstream Analysis
Midstream companies can offer a little bit more cash flow certainty than upstream drillers. But one can find companies in this space whose stock prices are as decimated as any solvent upstream company. Consider Summit Midstream Partners (SMLP).
Jeff, Freeze! (JEF)
I think this is an asymmetrical bet on a fallen angel.
I know I bought low with the intention to hold, but it doubled, so I sold it.
1 to 16 of 57 Posts