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Russ Winter has been an active investor for 40 years, and a stockbroker for 15 of those years. He writes on diverse topics ranging from actual trading and investing strategies, to economic trends and indictors, to thoughts on precious metals, and more. Lately, he has been focusing on the “end game ... more


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Gold Traction Looks Constructive
The Commitment of Traders (COT) managed money net longs fell from 200,116 to 148,793 as the price of gold (POG) fell from 1282 to 1257. This is very good traction and has to be considered constructive, especially if good traction continues.
A Pack Of Yellen Wolves
The odds of a Sept. 21 FOMC rate hike did increase from 21% to 33%. The “market” is now giving 44.4% odds for a hike on Dec. 14 and 14.7% for two hikes. Precious metals do seem well correlated to the ebbs and flows of this rate hike prospect.
Escape From NIRP: Is The End Of That Hair-Brained Scheme Near?
The global bond markets are so distorted by NIRP that Japan’s largest bank, Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi, is preparing to give up its primary dealer role in the negative return JGB market.
American Consumer Wipeout In Play
The latest in a string of lousy retail reports came from Nordstrom. The company reported Q1 EPS of $0.26, missing consensus estimates of $0.46 by nearly half.
Crack-Up Boom In China Or Just More Gambling, Speculation?
The Business Insider actually has a rare insightful article concerning China’s commodity surge. Is it just more Chinese credit-driven gambling and speculation, or is it a genuine crack-up boom?
Treasury Bust Ahead?
At the long end, demand for Treasuries has been consistently declining.
Was That A False Move Out Of The Gold Pennant?
Sure enough, a pennant formed on the gold chart. The low was about 1200 on day 5. Then yesterday the price broke out.
Got Gold?
Gold miners' (GDX) average all in costs are $866 as of the third quarter and likely even lower now. So $1,250 PoG and $30 oil is a greatly profitable operating environment. Little wonder that the precious metal stocks are outgunning the metals.
Bankster Run Down
Many creditors of Italian and Spanish banks were small savers chasing yield that were talked into buying subordinated bank bonds by their banksters.
European Banks Reach The End Of The Rope
A bank run and collapse in Europe is getting nearer. Capital control measures, negative interest rates and bail-ins have been instituted and the gates have been closed.
Bloomberg Obfuscates Lme Copper Cornering
The Commitment of Traders in copper is astonishing. The swap dealers have almost no shorts, and the producers and processors are net long.
Dallas Fed Puts In Mark To Unicorn Rules
The idea behind marking collateral to market is to maintain sound banking practices and keep well ahead of cyclical credit losses. It does little good to have banking rules if you abandon them when troubles emerge.
Blue Light Special On Key Commodities Spurs Chinese Buying Binge
China isn’t the least bit afraid of strategic stockpiling. Russia also does this on a smaller scale. China has financial and credit problems for sure, problems that somebody will have to eat.
Financial Tremor Watch: Genie Out Of The Bottle
In a Ponzi based market and economy cheap fictitious capital for the worst kinds of credit is the key.
Turn Out The Lights: Economic Charts That Matter
There is a parabolic move in play in business loan charge offs and delinquencies. Normally this is associated with an increase in the Fed funds rate, but today this is happening with that rate at only 0.25%. So bring it on Janet.
Extremely Bullish Crimex Gold CoT
Total registered gold at the Crimex dropped by another 16,700 oz overnight to just 134,877 oz (1349 contracts).
1 to 16 of 107 Posts
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